Thursday, September 26, 2013

Memo to our Congresswoman: long since past the time to act to kill the CRC.

Like a fungus, we've been forced to deal with the mold of both the CRC Scam and the CRC Scammers now, literally, for years

Time's up.

We've had a representative in Congress for this, her 3rd year.  Before that, she was a representative in the 18th District House seat here in Washington.

And in all that time, she's done squadoosh to actually kill the CRC dead.  As a result, the Hydra is attempting to come back to life in Oregon.

We've been regaled with her public stances of various types on the CRC: many letters, statements and off the cuff remarks designed to make the people of the WA03 believe that she really and truly is opposed to this rip off.

Any casual observer is likely to say that... or believe that.  Except, of course, I'm not a "casual observer."

And Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler has done precisely nothing to kill this project.

Smoke and mirrors politics is the confusion of motion... with action.

There is only one question that matters: what has Herrera done to make it stop?

The political version of tinnitus, the CRC Scam is the political zombie of SW Washington, in large part because, from all appearances, our representative has done nothing to harpoon that White Whale.

We need a Captain Ahab and we've got Tom Sawyer with a fishing pole on the Mississippi.

That is not to say that she hasn't gone through a few of the motions to get that favorable PR the democratian's been slavishly pumping out for so long... though only God knows why.

For example, she had no difficulty wasting everyone's time with her bogus Pearson Air Museum bill (And how has that worked out for us?  Besides exactly the way I repeatedly said it would, I mean?)

She has had the ability to defund the CRC Scam from the moment she arrived, and has chosen not to do it.

She has had the ability to strip off loot rail since the moment she arrived and she has chosen not to do it.

She has had the ability to set a minimum height for the bridge and she has chosen not to do it.

She has had the ability to require a binding vote in Clark County... and, stunningly enough, she has chosen not to do it.

What she HAS done: "ADVISED" the Coast Guard not to issue a permit... a permit I believe, now, they ARE going to issue... a permit likely to be tied up in court for years as the Coast Guard violates maritime law at the behest of the Administration who wants this steaming pile built.

The key word, of course, is "advised."  "Advising" is as meaningless a political adjective as is available today.  "Advising" means the possibility... and in this case, the PROBABILITY of "ignoring" the good Congresswoman because there are precisely ZERO CONSEQUENCES for the Coast Guard if the DO ignore her, and plenty of consequences for the Coast Guard if they don't.

And, of course, there's the "report" they have to submit concerning the massive waste of mitigation...

...big whoop.

Those who look at this effort and who don't want this thing built are likely to actually believe this smokescreen constitutes some sort of action when, in fact, it's yet another example of the "bright, shiny article" politics she loves to play.

After all, when her top donors are prospective bridge contractors, one has to ask the question: why?

Well, now is the time.  I believe that any second, the Coast Guard is likely to announce the granting of this permit.  And THEN what is she going to do?

Don't wait, Jaime.  Drop the damned bill.  Do it now, for God's sake.  You've had 3 years to put a bullet through the head of this project and what do we, your constituents, have to show for it?

Our congresswoman sits on Appropriations in a GOP controlled House of Representatives.  She, again, has the ability to kill the entirety of this thing dead, and is deliberately choosing NOT to do it.


Don't know for sure.  Don't CARE... for sure.

Next year isn't so far away that you won't have to answer for your contrived failure to act.  If this thing somehow makes it back into life and becomes our reality, you're going to have a great deal to answer for politically... and you do not want that... do you?

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