Thursday, September 26, 2013

Memo to Washington State Rep. Mike Hope: My position on gun control articulated by Colion Noir.

I admit it, I'm an NRA Member.  I joined as a direct result of the left's moronic efforts to take our weapons away... after Sandy Hook so they can turn the entire country into utopian gun-free zones.  You know... like Chicago and DC?

The NRA's throw-weight exceeds that of the fringe-leftists infesting us: even post-Sandy Hook the gun-grabbers were stymied by their efforts.

Most recently, a malignant shot-gun kidnapped a guy and forced him to shoot 13 people at the DC Navy Yard... his security checks and background checks notwithstanding.

For those like Rep. Hope, a fake Republican, who seem to believe the utter nonsense that punishing those of us who follow the law will somehow have any impact on those who ignore the law, I offer the following:

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