Thursday, September 26, 2013

Colion Noir channels me in his "Response to Starbucks" video.

Look, I came to loath Fivebucks the moment I became aware that their efforts to engage in social engineering played a greater role than achieving corporate profits... so Howard's decision to attempt to painfully straddle the cyclone fence with their position on guns didn't effect me in the least, since I wouldn't be caught dead using their products.

That said, Colin Noir, an attorney a social commentator ion 2nd Amendment issues has channeled me brilliantly with his response to the whole thing: both to Starbucks, and the divide between the open cary/concealed carry superiority crowd.

I don't go anywhere unarmed.  I don't go to the shop on my property unarmed.  It's foolish to do so in this day and age of the increasing requirements of self-protection from the criminal elements. (When seconds count, cops are only minutes away.)  But I usually carry concealed because, first, I believe that if I'm carrying or not is nobody's business but my own and second, I like the element of surprise.

I freely admit I ignore private "no weapons" signs.  I do NOT carry on public property where weapons are banned by law.

But since that moron blew those people away in the movie theater in Colorado, I ignore those signs completely... because those bringing guns into these areas with ill intent just see fat targets who can't shoot back.  Well, imagine their surprise...  And concealed carry enables me to do that.

Having set the table for that, I give you Colion Noir, the Pied Piper of the 2nd Amendment, who has a clarity of vision that is rare to find through all the clouds of media=-driven hype, lies and gross exaggerations (What model of AR15 was that shotgun in the Navy Yard shootings again?)

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