Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lew Waters lays it all out on the Ciraulo in Battle Ground city council race.

The Bobbsey Twins, aka Mike Ciraulo and Mikey Dalesandro, are running for city council, again, in Battle Ground.  While Dalesandro has been the perennial loser and is a fringe-left whacker, Ciraulo, allegedly sworn to uphold the law, cavalierly decided to ignore it with his $50 per head poker game scam fund raiser.

Apparently, the usual leftist scum showed up: to be expected, I guess.  But, as usual, Lew Waters has done the heavy lifting on the whole thing has he illustrates Ciraulo's violation of a law: Allegations Fly In Battle Ground.

Fascinating how Peyton Place-ish the whole thing is.  Give it a read.

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