Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gotta wonder: is Dalesandro still a huge Obama fan?

One of the things Mike Dalesandro is trying desperately to keep quiet is his unabashed support for that blithering idiot in the White House.

Among other of the idiocies he wrote about, both real and (mostly) imagined, here are those this fringe-left nutter is so enamored of::
Mike Dalesandro
Not many Presidents can claim list of accomplishments as long and as important as President Obama: Access to affordable healthcare for most Americans, saving the US automobile industry, putting a stop to the economic free fall in 2008-09, killing Osama Bin Laden, appointing 2 women and the first Latina to the Supreme Court, equal pay for equal work, Wall Street reform, supporting marriage equality, eliminating don't ask don't tell, elimination of preexisting conditions, elimination of life-time health insurance caps, over 4 million private sector jobs created, 20+ months of job growth, increasing domestic oil production, increasing our nations commitment toward renewable energy, ending one war and ending another, putting both wars on the "books", infrastructure improvements all over the nation (economic recovery act), and payroll taxes reduced. I know many of my friends are not supporting this President because they feel he has not done the job of turning around this economy and/or they don't support his views on the right to choose, marriage equality, tax policy, etc. I respect your voice, and I will admit at times I was not 100% behind this president. But as this election cycle progressed, it became clear to me that Romney was promoting the failed economic policies of the last decade and the President was promoting the prosperous economic policies of the 90's. It became clear to me that Romney will not support the type of change we really need to get this nation moving forward. The election tonight is huge...either we affirm the change that has happened or we go back to the way it was and we are forced to fight those battles again. I am confident that we will not change our course tonight. I am proud to support President Obama. Regardless who wins, let our nation come together and start working together at not only the national level, but at the local matter the victor. We must respect the voice of the people. We can disagree without being disagreeable. Debate is healthy and at the heart of our republic. Please vote if you haven't. Support YOUR choices, let your voice be heard. God Bless America!!
Most of what Mikey has blathered about is sheer fantasy... everything from his lies concerning "equal pay for equal work," a proven fantasy even in Obama's own White House; through the obvious lie of "payroll taxes reduced."

There can only be two issues here: first, Mikey is politically ignorant, in which case he shouldn't be elected hall monitor; or he knows he's lying, in which case he shouldn't be elected hall monitor.

I don't know what happened to Mikey... he used to be so transparent about his fringe-left positions and allegiances.  Now?

Not so much.

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