Thursday, March 21, 2013

What Ridgefield Barbie SHOULD have done on the Pearson Museum.

First of all, I have no use for the empty-suited moron "representing" us in Congress. She acts more like Achmed the Dead Terrorist to Jeff Dunham as she is a puppet to Cathy McMorris.  She frequently votes against us, she's too much of a coward to hold open town hall meetings, she's too much of a coward to take public positions on controversial issues (DADT and Women in Combat come to mind) and she is lying to us on her support of the CRC scam, having done absolutely nothing to spike it at the federal level, even though she's had 3 years to do something.

Second, THE most dangerous place in the world is getting between her puppet-master mouthpiece, Casey Bowman (who does almost all the talking, given what an unintelligent cardboard cutout she is) and a camera for her.

For example, this despicable episode where she injected herself into a situation that she had no business getting involved in... but used as yet another in a series of "hurrah for me!" moments she's known for.

Third, instead of acting statesman-like in the Pearson Museum debacle and negotiating behind the scenes, she miscalculated (Gee, there's a stunner) and decided to go for the Big SPLASH!, knowing that the democratian would play along, by dropping a bill that will be DOA in the Senate, that both our state cows will oppose, that Obama wouldn't sign if you stuck a howitzer to his head...

...A bill that, much like everything else she does, is designed to get people who do not know how the system works to believe she's ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING,  when the thing this simple idiot IS doing is to force the NPS into a corner, making them even more intransigent and dramatically DECREASING the likelihood of anything approaching a settlement remotely favorable to the local community.

That's not this simple idiot's concern, however.  She really wouldn't care if someone blew the museum to pieces.  She just wants to look good while the pieces are falling.

And that brings us to the Russians.

The democratian, willing tools for the CRC scam-supporting Herrera; the rag that wouldn't DREAM of asking Herrera any of these controversial questions or demand that she takes positions or hold open town hall meetings... reported on RUSSIAN efforts to try and fix this situation, increasingly spinning out of control as our congressional moron uses her foils in the House to beat the NPS senseless instead of doing what is so obvious, even *I* could see it:
"We're very worried," explained Vladimir Vinokurov, Russia's consul general in San Francisco. "When we heard about the difficult situation, we decided to see if we could help."
So, the delegation held separate meetings with representatives of three agencies that had — until a few weeks ago — collaborated on running the air museum.
First came a meeting at the museum with Tracy Fortmann, superintendent of the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site and curator Theresa Langford.
Later, the delegation headed for the Marshall House, where the Chkalov aviators were greeted more than 75 years ago by Gen. George Marshall. After talking with Vancouver City Councilor Larry Smith, they met with Elson Strahan, CEO and president of the Fort Vancouver National Trust.
Gee.  And they did all that without press release one.

These guys have more diplomacy in their little fingers than that waste of skin Herrera has in her entire worthless, elective "career."

Will these meetings, done behind the scenes, accomplish what Herrera's idiocy has made LESS likely?

Too early to tell.  And I'm not sure why they felt compelled to meet with CRCist Larry Smith, as far as that goes: he has no say in any of this.

But they are actually working towards a solution.

Unlike that idiot we're stuck with in congress, who only wants to work toward a completely undeserved level of hero worship and whose playground interference in this situation has made the return of this facility to the community or any OTHER settlement favorable to this community much LESS likely.

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