Friday, August 16, 2013

Obama's latest abysmal policy: foreign.

As arguably the worst, weakest president in the history of this nation (seriously... who's ever been worse?) The Empty-Suited, Anti-American Racist Bigot in the White House has shown that he has no clue.... no vision... and no idea just what the hell he's doing.

He's screwed up Southwest Asia, crushed the dollar's value, got Americans killed in Libya and has lied about it, repeatedly.... and his latest debacle?


He's backed the wrong horse in  his BFF's over there, the muslim brotherhood.

Like Obama himself, they had no clue as to how to govern.  Their moronic sharia law is a recipe for, perhaps, how to run a village in the 7th century... not how to run a second-world nation.

I supported the effort of the military to get rid of these clowns.  But I also support the laws of this country which, apparently, say that if there's a coup d'├ętat, we are required to cut off all foreign aid.

Yeah, stupid idea... I know.

Coup efforts are dual-edged swords: sometimes the good guys get it, other times the bad guys get it.  In this case, the bad guys got it, a move we should have supported.

But then, that would require that the messiah admit he's screwed up.  And that's as likely as an admittance that he's not all black.  And that ain't likely.

It appears that with Obama seeming to be even more clueless than that Morsi clown, one does wonder how his administration has survived this long without an effort to impeach him.

Since Bo the dog would do a better job of governance than either Obama or Morsi, it's understandable to me that the US-trained Egyptian Army would wake up one day and say, "enough of that" and take that clown out.  After all, what the hell made Obama believe that a group could go from the terrorist watch list to governance and have a clue as to what the hell that were doing?

But it's the law.  And since it's the law, it should be followed.

And like so many other laws, Obama is violating them.

I get that Barry's in a tough spot.  Even a clown like that, who apparently played cards for most of the Bin Hidden' operation, recognizes he's screwed up, although not yet how badly. He knows that he can't publicly back those idiots he was so enamored of when he tossed Mubarak under the bus like his real name was Reverend Wright.

In Barry's World, you deny reality by playing word games.  The idiocy of that is clear: that Barry refuses to call it a coup doesn't mean it isn't one, but a public "head buried in the sand" approach avoids all that unpleasantness.

I'm not a huge Rand Paul guy: he's selling us out on illegal aliens and, like Rubio, that kills the deal for me.

But he's right when he says this:
"The overthrow of the Egyptian government was a coup d'etat, and the law is clear that when a coup takes place, foreign aid must stop," Paul said in a statement.
One of the other bumper stickers from the Moron-in-Chief?

"Talk softly and carry no stick."

We've sunk to that level of "pathetic" on Obama's watch.  And we're going to shed more of our blood because of it.

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