Thursday, August 15, 2013

Partisan hatred on prayer in local government.

I admit: it confuses me.

This was in the paper today:

Clark County Commissioners Tom Mielke and David Madore continue to betray American separation of church and state. They are actively damaging religion in Clark County. They have turned prayer into government red tape.
Mielke and Madore continue to reject recommendations that prayers be held before, not during, public meetings. They also reject that citizens can voluntarily pray during the "public comment" sessions. They also reject nonbelief. These hand-picked invocations are official products of the new religion-based Clark County government.
My tax money is paying for these prayers, so I have a right to complain about content.
Prayers generally begin with claims, unsupported by evidence or logic, about the nature of a deity. These are bare assertions. These same claims about God led Christians to slaughter other Christians in old Europe. These assertions about God caused the Puritan government to hang three Quakers in Boston around 1660.
President Eisenhower said "in a democracy debate is the breath of life." Mielke and Madore think a god blesses them each meeting. Why should they debate us or even pay attention to us? Government officials should value reason and evidence-based critical thinking, not superstition and blind faith.
Dave Norris
Battle Ground
The absurdity of these allegations reach new heights of hypocrisy when one considers the following:

Every day there is floor action in the democrat-controlled US Senate, what is part of the ceremony?


When our legislature is in session, every day there is floor action in the democrat-controlled State House, what is part of the ceremony?


The fringe-left whack jobs complaining about prayer here in the county commission apparently either forget that, or ignore it.

Are all of these fallacious claims also applied to federal and state government?

Does the prayer given on a daily basis in the US Senate "actively damage religion in the United States" today?

Of course not.  Nor does the fact that our county commission is just following the pattern set at every other level of government.

That leftists exhibit such a glowing level of hatred for anyone or anything to the right of Mao is the thing.

That these same slime don't complain when any other level of government DOE THE SAME THING is the typical hypocrisy.

Lying about the impacts of a prayer (Don't like it?  Then don't pray.  How hard is this to figure out?) goes to the heart of the leftist inculcation of victimhood.

If you don't have anything to whine about.... then make something up.

There is NO debate about an opening prayer in the county commission.  There is the position of those who follow the example, uncomplained about by the vast majority sniveling about prayer here, of Congress and the Legislature... and then there's the position of those on the left who are simply looking for an issue... ANY issue... they can use to attack the hated conservative commissioners.

All other problems having been solved... they have to whine about prayer and lie about it's impacts.

And how sad is that?

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Lew Waters said...

Like other leftist twits, the meaning of just what Separation of Church and State actually means.

Far from a prohibition on anything religious, it merely means no state sponsored religion as many other countries did have and still do.

Then again, the hypocrisy of the leftists is well displayed by their lack of concern over any Separation of Mosque and State.

When they are ready to promote that, then maybe I will give them a little bit of credit.