Friday, August 16, 2013

The absurdity of non-partisan freeholders.

In a world where all is sweetness and light, and everyone pulls together in the harness of government purely for the good of the people, their exists "non-patrtisanship."

Unfortunately, this world is not that.

There are two basic political sides in Clark County: Obamaites and non-Obamaites.

Obamaites occupy a place on the political spectrum where law and democracy is scorned and ridiculed when it comes to the mundane issues of the will of the people as opposed to an agenda.

Non-Obamaites are those horrified that the rule of law is ignored or bastardized to suit the left, that they would corrupt government by using, for example, the IRS to attack political enemies while bankrupting the country to pay off political allies.

Locally, Obamaites typically lie, exaggerate to and ignore the very people they would govern.

Tim "The Liar" Leave-it comes to mind, but he's certainly not the only one that has allowed his zipper and his leftist ego to override his duty to the people in favor of his multiple violations of ethics and his dog collar put... and held in place... by the special interests who own him like Mr. Lincoln never wrote the Emancipation Proclamation.

The facade of "non-partisanship" is a mistake on the part of the commissioners.  They forgot the time-honored old saw: "Never time to do it right, but always time to do it over."  The result?

A horrific election for freeholders that most don't know, who will have no real time or money to gain name familiarity other than that offered up in support of the democratian slate and who's name familiarity is gained mostly through notoriety and not through accomplishment.

There will be a massive undervote.  Massive.  It will make the Madore-Boldt election look like a fender-bender in comparison as the average voter will have neither the time nor the inclination to slog their way through 35+ candidates for 5 seats.

That said, the idea that a candidate... any candidate... should claim that, because of the formal "non-partisan" nature of this election, that they are not going to reveal their party affiliation amounts to political cowardice.

Claiming one's party affiliation is "irrelevant" is like claiming that Obama knows what he's doing: if he does, he's doing a brilliant job of covering it up to the world.

Claiming a party affiliation isn't a lock on anything: after all, former Commissioner Marc Boldt made a big deal out of claiming to be a Republican.

He just didn't act or vote like one.

But for those not as disingenuous, claiming a party affiliation can save a great deal of time.

In my case, I will not vote for anyone who lacks the testicular fortitude to acknowledge their political leanings.  After all, if they're going to be non-responsive about that aspect of their politics, what else are they going to ignore us on?

I will also not vote for anyone who supports the two biggest problems, long term, confronting this county: the CRC Scam and the Cowlitz Scam.

The damage the CRC Scam would cause is difficult to quantify on the high side.  Those supporting this rip off do so without having demanded that the input from the public be the determining factor.

In fact, democrat Commissioner Steve Stuart joined with democrat then-Commissioner Marc Boldt in repeatedly killing any such vote... until now, watching his political career, much like Boldt's political career, crash on the rocks to the siren call of the mermaids singing their song of corruption.

CRC Scammers are unfit to hold office generally and any responsible position specifically.

Ignoring the people as if they're an impediment to some privately determined agenda does not provide any faith in the ability of a scammer to make a measured decision on anything that is subject to the corruption of their fellows in the special interests infesting us.

Refusing to respond to the questions asked shows an arrogance and a lack of concern over the public's positions on the issues in question.

Both the Casino Scam and the CRC Scam represent economic black holes for this county that will last for decades and accomplish nothing for the rank and file people of this county.

The questions concerning political leanings and positions on these halcyon issues were done as time savers... cut to the chase kinds of things: for if you support the CRC Scam, for example, then how can you, with a straight face, claim to be responsive to the people you would represent?

The lie, for example, that the ClarkBackward movement is "bi-partisan" is as much a joke as the idea that this election is "non-partisan."  The vast majority of the ClarkBackward group are RINO or leftist.  Again, calling this bipartisan makes as much sense as Boldt falsely claiming he was a Republican.

You can call a watermelon an apple, but that doesn't make it an apple.

Holding meetings that will have large numbers of candidates (The Lentz Scam) for CRC/antiMadore-Mielke cheer-leading sessions is entirely partisan in nature, tone and tenor.

This isn't about the people of Clark County: it's about the leftist effort to defang the conservatives on the commission.

Because none of these people gave a damn about the charter 2 years ago when Boldt and Stuart joined up to kill it.

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