Friday, August 16, 2013

Mike Briggs slithers head first into the moron zone... again.

The fringe-left ego-maniac that is Mike Briggs opened his keyboard and removed any doubt as to what a simpering idiot he really, genuinely is.

Here's his steaming pile from the democratian:.

The Aug. 11 editorial, "It's time to move forward," was insightful and accurate. Like many, I was prepared to accept that the Columbia River Crossing was dead. However, it looks like there may be a glimmer of life left in the idea. More than $170 million, countless man hours of expert engineering data, and nearly a decade of time is invested in this project. Our leaders must exhaust all avenues before giving up.
What surprised me (yet again) was the apparent anger and resentment by the Republican coalition of the Washington state Senate to even consider another idea. Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, made reference to Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber as uncooperative for even bringing forth this unique idea. Our leaders should be looking at all ideas to fix a problem — not to kill a possible solution. Such attitudes and actions tell me people's own agendas, or egos, seem to have more value to them than looking for compromise that can address this big problem that faces the largest roadway on the Western side of North America — Interstate 5.
To value ego over the possibility of a good idea to help find a solution to the I-5 crossing is not good leadership. It is not leadership at all.
We can and must do better.
Mike Briggs
Have you ever noticed how fringe-left whack jobs who put agendas like this ahead of the will of the people always equate abandonment of principle for their agenda with "leadership?"

Odd, isn't it.  The fringe-left nutters like Briggs take a somewhat different view about Senators Tom and Sheldon... right?

This simple idiot has no problem with his fellow fringe-leftist nutters ramming THEIR solution... that THEY don't have to pay for, down our collective throats without even asking us.  That makes Briggs an idiot wrapped in a moron if he thinks that kind of nonsense is acceptable.

Briggs' is not only clueless, his ego launches him into the stratosphere where representation of the leftist agenda is more important than representation of the people.  Steeped in leftist dogma, he fails to understand that Sen. Rivers DOES advocate for other solutions... they just don't happen to include his loot rail fetish.

There are a wide variety of solutions available that the CRC Scammers won't even consider.  Is Briggs applying that standard to them, or is he just being his usual, fringe-left, hypocritical, situational ethics self?   Re-arranging the deck chairs on the CRC-Titanic ain't the way to get there, and Briggs is either too obtuse or two stupid to acknowledge the many ways these issues can be resolved that don't have anything to do with Kitzhaber's "no loot rail, no bridge" idiocy.

And for that, Ann Rivers has my... and tens of thousands of others... everlasting gratitude.

And when it comes to "doing better?"

That ain't got nothing to do with you, Briggs.  Bring it.

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