Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fall out from the Walters race.

Last year, knowing that Brandon Vick was going to be utterly worthless as a state representative (and subsequently being proven correct) I supported Adrian Cortes for his position... although my confidence in him took a major hit when he bailed on the race... and the results showed that I was not alone, though I'm sure many who voted for the cardboard cut out of a "mail-it-in" state rep likely regret that decision to vote for a do-nothing.

Does Lisa Walter have the same problem?

Perhaps.  Except, she's an incumbent and certainly not a do-nothing like Vick.

As bad as Vick is as a state representative... or party chair... or any other elected position...  Walter's opponent, an uber-fringe-left whackado who has done nothing deserving of election to anything outside of 3rd grade hall-monitor, is much worse.

The wreckage of what happened (and there was a great deal more than the public knows) will be difficult to over-come.

Difficult... but not impossible.

I have repeatedly stated I'm not a Lisa Walters fan.  The democratian hit piece that ran a stick through her entrails didn't help, except there isn't that many people in Battle Ground tarded enough to read that rag.  The questions here is this: is she willing to do what it takes to win and are there other issues looming in the future that could call her judgment into question?

In comparison, almost everything about the fringe-leftist who is Dalesandro, fellow fringe left nutters Val Ogden/Tim Probst- endorsed and all, calls his judgment into question.

Lisa's experience makes her the better choice.  Dalesandro's lack of it, along with his lack of judgment, lack of maturity, and butt-hurt persona make him unfit for elective office.

Lisa has hurt herself here, making a simple slam dunk a bit more complicated.  Does she have what it takes?

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