Monday, July 29, 2013

Laird: out with a whimper.

One of those most responsible for the demise of the CRC Scam was now former democratian  editorial page editor John "Pit Yorkie" Laird.

Along with Lefty Lou Brancaccio, these two were the most responsible for damaging the shtick of the CRC Scam while abandoning the tenets of journalism like clock work.  Those two morons did more to galvanize the opposition than all the lies, attacks and exaggerations of the downtown mafia combined.

Early on in this battle, Lefty Lou showed his continuing lack of skill in either deliberately, or incompetently, misreading the growing hatred of the Scam.  Lou started the lie process by refusing to acknowledge that any opposition to the CRC Scam actually existed.   In April, 2009:
I'm not here to say we always get it right. We try to ask the tough questions and hold folks accountable. Something else to consider, there isn't always "equal" opposition on issues. So we often hear "why didn't you quote the other side?" There isn't always another side. If you take school bonds and levies for example there usually is a very organized side in favor of them. Not so much on the other side. So it's not always easy to find the other side. And it's even more difficult to find equal numbers on the other side. There may be hundreds of folks mobilized on the pro side of a school bond. You might be lucky to find one or two on the other side.
Lefty Lou's lie?
So we often hear "why didn't you quote the other side?" There isn't always another side.
Of course there is "always another side."  But there isn't "another side" when you do nothing... and I mean NOTHING... to find it.

But, for example, to come to this blog and read of the opposition to this rip off many times a day as the democratian does (Software clearly shows 5+ visits a day) and then claim there ISN'T any?

Well, that's just a flat out lie of the variety Lefty Lou is known for.

Multiple propaganda pieces, multiple made-up polls, multiple lies that he couldn't find opponents tio quote for that bizarre journalistic concept of getting both side of a story... until, one day, David Madore entered the arena and began the process that's ultimately led to slaying the CRC dragon.

Lefty's censorship of people and information, such as the Oregon Supreme Court decision some 18 months old that lay out all of the lies behind the CRC Scam which this joke ofr a newspaper has yet to publish some 18 months after the fact goes to illustrate the many inconvenient truths of dissolved integrity and a desire to lie to the people utilizing the Jesuitical argument that the "ends justify the means."

Along the way, however, the pit yorkie became something of Lefty's hit man.  Brancaccio would attack any of those he hated like a playground bully, knowing that his victims (Of which I'm proud to say I am one) could never fight back on a soap box anywhere approaching the size of the one that Scott Campbell stupidly gave to him.

Laird, a fringe-leftist whack job of the new school, began a campaign to Rule 5 anyone smart enough to trash Lefty Lou's garbage pieces.
“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”
“…you do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral arguments.”
- Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals
That's Laird in a nut's shell.

I won't rehash his slavish efforts to emulate his fellow radicals' conclusions.  Those are well known, although his sordid efforts of hatred reached it's heights when this slimy worm coined the phrase to discribe those of us wise enough to oppose their 4th Reich vision as "cockroaches."

Shades of Laird's hero, Goebbels and his untermenschen... or "sub-humans."

I, OTOH,  have fought this rip off from the very beginning, recognizing it for what it was: government corruption and arrogance at it's worst.

My first post attacking this scam April 5, 2005:   From the Right Corner: The transportation budget and the 15-cent gas tax increase.  I wrote then:
But we do not need a replacement for the I-5 Bridge as a subterfuge to further the discredited idea of light rail. We do not need a newer, stronger I-5 bridge that leads to the Delta Park bottleneck. We need ADDITIONAL capacity over the Columbia River, a bridge out of the Camas area as well as one out of Ridgefield.

But painting a pig means that in the end, all you’ve got is a painted pig. And a new I-5 bridge that adds light rail while doing nothing to the Delta Park bottleneck is a total waste of time and money.
Shortly after the opposition became so big these scum couldn't ignore it, primarily in the form of David Madore, the jerk known as the "pit yorkie" began to attack: no lie they wouldn't tell, no exaggeration, no twisting, no attack on character or integrity, not caring then that they both, "Pit" and "Lefty," sacrificed what little they had of either by ignoring the needs and wants of this community in the name of their own agenda, instead fighting for the special interests that they would so, otherwise, despise when it suits them.

This was but an outgrowth of their fringe-left tenets, which extend in many other areas as well.

In the end, however, these slime lost.  Lefty Lou, our resident intellectual coward, suddenly seems to have become tongue-tied... or is it keyboard-tied?  As weeks go by without the suddenly reticent editor of the Pravda Izvestia on the River discussing yet another in the series of crushing political defeats which serve to show how irrelevant this manure producer has become, we're left to ponder his words channeled through anonymity in editorials that this hack is far too cowardly to sign:
If there is anything this new journey does NOT need, it's a rear-view mirror. To CRC supporters (including The Columbian's editorial board): It's over. Time to move on. To CRC critics: There's no need to carry old grudges. They're especially unbecoming after a decisive victory.
Oddly, Brancaccio seems reluctant to direct this message to the whiny little punks who can't let it go:

Scumbag Timmy "The Liar" Leave-it and the obviously brain-damaged governor of this state,  Jay Outslee, who appears to have played way too much football without a helmet... and who both, recently, threw a hissy fit over their failed ripoff attempt ion the CRC Scam.

Brancaccio wrote about crap that is irrelevant to the moment, the pit yorkie continued to gnaw on ankle bones of the Anti-CRC opponents over issues not related to the downtown mafia's defeat.

Because neither of them have the guts to admit they were wrong, or to apologize for damaging this community.

The Pit Yorkie came in with a whimper, and went out with a whine.

He won't be missed: Baghdad Bob could replace him and it would be a refreshing change.  And no one will long for the days of "Laird," any more than they long for the days of that ego-maniac Keonninger.

So long, Johnny-Boy.  Take your namesake of a column with you and do us all a favor:

Don't come back.  We'll be much better off without you.

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