From my view many people, too many people, do not know what this Freeholder election is, what it does or why they should even get involved. This is very unfortunate.

I believe this event, the election of these 15 Freeholders, could be a real turning-point for SW Washington and Clark County. This is truly a unique opportunity, "for the average Jack or Jill", to be able to work with others, just like them, to be heard...but more so-- too effect real change here in the governing of the citizens of Clark County.

I have heard and seen So Much unhappiness and uncertainty with the citizenry since the elections of our last set of Clark County Commissioners. People are not just angry...they are afraid. And I believe this is rightly so. You now have a government which truly does not regard what the people want, but in reality and in my opinion, what one man, David Madore, really wants and will have-- if we let him.

Folks, this is not the democratic way, the American way, this is the way of a bully, a despot and a tyrant. Please step forward, become involved, do your part to become part of your own government.

The time is now.