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The Columbian's Saturday of Idiocy: Chapter 3,721.

I'm sure that Brancaccio likely did cartwheels over the temporary passage of I-502, where the dopers legalized pot... for awhile.

That means he could attach himself to a hookah as his fingers tickled the ivories, like he, or whoever wrote that garbage, obviously did while hey were babbling this weeks Saturday of Idiocy, because frankly, there is no other excuse.

Inconvenient Truths:

Odd, isn't it?  The rag only likes news that supports their position on the largest regional rip off since the Seahawks Stadium scam was lied through.
Jeers: To anyone who takes the results of an insurance company's recent survey as proof that tolls on the Columbia River Crossing won't work. PEMCO Insurance commissioned the poll, which found 77 percent of drivers in Clark County and 52 percent in the Portland area said they would avoid the tolls by taking Interstate 205. Although the survey's sample size makes the margin of error fairly large — nearly 14 percent in Clark County — we don't doubt the drivers' resolve.
But when the rubber meets the road, we'll need to remember the behavior of our brethren in Seattle, where new tolls on the Highway 520 Lake Washington floating bridge were imposed last year. Traffic instantly fell as drivers diverted to the Interstate 90 bridges or roads around the lake.
They soon realized, however, that inconvenience outweighed the cost, and the state reports toll revenues on the bridge are now meeting or exceeding projections. It's unfortunate that tolls will be required to build the CRC, but they will serve their purpose, just as they did nearly a century ago when the original Interstate Bridge was constructed.
Back in the days when this despicable rag lied about and made up polling to support this scam, the slavishly and lovingly wrote every syllable to denigrate, belittle and harangue those who opposed this rip off, with Lou Brancaccio directly lying by repeatedly spewing in his column that the "opposition to this project couldn't be addressed in our" nazi-like propaganda articles because they "couldn't find any."

Article after article filled with lies, exaggerations, slant and bias.

Now we have a poll that AGAIN bitch slaps this project, and what does that moron do?

He tried o get us to believe that first, any fall off on I-5 traffic because of tolling as high as $2000 a year would NOT result in an additional fall off on I-5 traffic (Which has been declining now for some years anyway) or that the traffic on SR-520 has returned to it's pre-tolling levels... when it's not even close.

What happened "nearly a century ago" when HALF of the I-5 Bridge was built was that daily tolls no where approached the percentage of income earned as a result of paying them THEN as the toll projections appear to do NOW.

This garbage once again proves the adage that while figures don't lie, Brancaccio and his winged monkeys do figure.

Further, months after the Willamette Week first broke the story, we are STILL waiting for this cancer on our society to come clean, and subsequently hold those involved accountable for the scam detailed in the WW story: The $2.5 Billion Bribe:  Oregon’s Supreme Court says light-rail politics drove plans for a new I-5 bridge.

That story was printed last February.  The scum at the democratian know all about it.  The question is: why haven't THEY ever mentioned it?

They read my blog... sometimes, several times a day.  I wrote about the story write after I found out about it, some 5 plus months ago:
Sunday, July 01, 2012
When campaigns heat up, so do the pro-bridge/light rail/tolling lies.

"Figures don't lie, but liars figure."

Look, we get that John Laird is an ignorant, self-serving, surgically implanted blinders for the democratian kind of guy, and that "journalism" is some arcane concept that he seems to have, maybe, heard about some time in his distant past.

We get that lies from the Columbian on the bridge/loot rail/toll scam are almost as repulsive as their taxpayer-paid ballpark flip.

But to, once again, use your column to lie, exaggerate and pontificate while leaving out the biggest fact of all, namely, that this entire project is a con to get morons like Laird to buy-in?

This "column," where no lie is safe, serves as a great example of the Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court's ruling, where-in the country knuckle draggers across the river had to be fooled into screwing us with this project... and that they arrived at the goal (which is to ram loot rail down our throats) and everything else, including Laird's Lies, are mere backfill to try and get support for it:
Now, it seems, no less then the Supreme Court of Oregon agrees.... with me.
The Oregon Supreme Court has succeeded in doing what scores of public meetings, thousands of pages of reports, and endless public relations spin could not: Give us the original rationale behind the proposed $3.5 billion Columbia River Crossing.

The answer, according to the court: The massive Interstate 5 bridge and freeway project is a “political necessity” to persuade Clark County residents to accept something they previously didn’t want—a MAX light-rail line from Portland to Vancouver. (To read the Feb. 16, 2012 Oregon Supreme Court decision regarding the Columbia River Crossing Project, click here (PDF, 18 pages)) 
The absurdity of this used toilet paper denigrating someone else's polling, given THEIR history of manipulation and lies?

And then this gaseous flatulence:
Cheers: To new clout for Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler. In just her second term, the 34-year-old Camas Republican has been tabbed for a seat on the powerful House Appropriations Committee. Committee members are in a position to make sure their districts get their fair share — critics would say even more than their fair share — of discretionary federal spending. That includes, of course, the Columbia River Crossing project. Herrera Beutler will be the only Washington representative on House Appropriations; Democratic Sen. Patty Murray serves on Senate Appropriations and chairs its Transportation subcommittee. Herrera Beutler will bid for some subcommittees but assignments are yet to be made.
Herrera is, of course, Barak O'Boehner's bitch.  That's why he's been dumping conservatives from the fiscal committees and replacing them with RINO's like Herrera.

Herrera, best known for her rank cowardice as illustrated by her determination to avoid town hall meetings, is masquerading as a congresswoman who actually represents the people of her district.

Most recently, she put out a press release, dutifully published by the cancer on our community that was full of lies and which further cemented her Leave-it-like support of the CRC scam. including the unneeded, unwanted and unaffordable replacement of the already paid for and fully functional I-5 Bridge/loot rail and the multi-thousand dollars in tolls this simple idiot would impose on her constituents... all without a vote, of course. 

Herrera's slavish devotion to the wart on Clark County's agenda is why they keep building this empty-suited nimrod up.  Unfortunately, too many believe her lies and fail to look at her outcomes:  The rag, of course, is just interested in her continued support of this horrific scam AND how much pork and and how many earmarks she can bring home like any other bacon.  That results in puff pieces like this garbage,

It's to our shame that we're represented by a RINO puppet who, if she ever DID have an original thought in that empty head, had to painfully suffer it's long, drawn out death years ago.  And while her getting the Apropriations seat was an acknowledgement of her slavish devotion to her puppet master, Cathy McMorris and O'Boehner, it's nothing to be crowing about.  On the contrary, that a moron like Herrera could get such a position is frightening.

But then, so is the rest of our government.

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