Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The debacle of the "Herrera letter" and the equally worthless response from Leave-it.

Wow, there's sure been a lot of sturm and drang on the so-called Herrera letter, isn't there?

Unfortunately, the Herrera letter was another one of her scams.

The letter includes garbage like this:
While we believe the current I-5 bridge is inadequate and must be addressed, a new direction is needed.
Well, first, the voters don't believe that.  That this empty suited cardboard cutout would write this goes back to her self-confirmation of the "Ridgefield Barbie" meme.

The "current I-5 bridge" is safe... and has the advantage of being paid for.  The people do not want to be popped an additional $1200 or more per year just to go to work.
“We are concerned that the CRC’s mounting problems are jeopardizing the project’s chance for success, and we care too much about this region to simply let it fail."
Of course, we actually DO want it to fail.

What's needed here is a 3rd and 4th bridge in different locations, one to the west of I-5 and one to the east of I-205.  Those could (and likely should) be tolled... and both can be built for less money than the I-5 Bridge/loot rail toll scam.

i would sacrifice the $150 million that the Leave-it/democrat cabal has already wasted over the $10 billion they plan to waste, every day and twice on Sunday.

No matter how much lipstick Herrera wants to put on this pig, it's still a pig, and Herrera's fantasies notwithstanding WE DO NOT WANT THIS PROJECT.
“We want this process to move forward, but it’s time for compromise. Rather than issue ultimatums over what Clark County residents must accept, the CRC must produce a design that can earn the support of communities that rely on the I-5 roadway and Columbia River. That is the only way this needed project will succeed.
Well, the voters don't.  And since there is precisely NO design that will work to unnecessarily replace the I-5 bridge, why she would make this claim is just... bizarre.
Thanks to this year’s national transportation bill, the federal government has the ability to pay its share of a new bridge.
Decoded, this means "Thanks to my failure to do anything about this funding because I want this project, the money is in there to yoke the people of my district to pay for this rip off."

Because "it's share" should be the ENTIRETY of THIS scam.
Once there is a project alternative that has the support of Clark County citizens, we will put all of our resources into making the bridge project a reality.”
How is this going to be determined?

And taking it a step further, where is the absolute demand for a vote?  Do you see it?

Let me make this clear: Herrera wants the bridge... and light rail... and tolls. The letter says as much if you read between the lines. This public posturing is, again, to get people to believe she gives a damn about them or their positions, which, like the slimeball democrats (Moeller, Pridemore, Leave-it, et al is all about posturing.)

If that wasn't the case, the letter would have made demands. As it is, it's practically so nebulous it can have any meaning you want in it.

50 or 5000 morons signing a letter that doesn't reflect the political reality of this region is as worthless as Herrera's brain. Unless SPECIFICS are laid out, as in:
"Hi, Guys.... here's the deal. I am going to spike the federal funding of this massive rip off. You won't put the project to a county-wide vote, so the people spoke through this election, eliminating those they could who supported this scam; clearly, they do not want tolls, do not want loot rail and... per force... do not want the current safe and PAID FOR bridge replaced for ANY reason.

If you can't find at least 2 other locations for additional bridges, which certainly may be tolled to help pay for them, then we're done talking and this is over. Meanwhile, rest assured that because you have failed to put this project to a county-wide vote and have shown rank incompetence in the process, design and development of this debacle, I will kill any further federal funding for this massive waste of money.

And oh, yeah.... Tim?

You're an asshole.

Love, Jaime"
Then nothing has changed.

Of course, compared to the initial letter, with 10 signatures of everyone elected around here who doesn't seem to have a "d" after their name, Leave-it's bitchy little whinefest is worthless. But without specifics as to exactly WHAT is acceptable (Only a 3rd and 4th bridge with no light rail... anywhere) and HOW it will be approved by the people of this county (A county-wide, up or down vote) and what the consequences will be if they don't go along with it, then Herrera's letter accomplished nothing and, in reality, changes nothing.

Nor, for that matter, does that lying scumbag Leave-it's hissy fit as a result. Leave-it works for a bridge-contractor and his obvious conflict of interest should remove him from any vote... or say.... in the entirety of this program. His pig-like bleating on the subject is as worthless as he is... and like Herrera's posturing, changes nothing.

Notice that the newspaper seems to be remaining silent about all of this at the editorial level?  One has to wonder: why is that?

Could it be that they've finally admitted to themselves what we all already know?

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