Friday, December 07, 2012

My take on re-org.

The Clark County GOP Re-org's coming up again.  And the lack of vision and planning on the part of those running is troubling, to say the least.

I've read the candidate statements and the vision plan of the PCOA/Paulbot slate, and as I suspected, it's rife with glittering generalities and rather vague promises:
Develop financial resources:  I and others in our party are connected to many potential donors who would be inspired by a local party which operates with the resolve and modern structure described in this statement.
So, the message under the surface is simple: elect us and I'll bring in buttloads of money.  Otherwise...

I read the verbiage.  There's no plan, no specifics, no budget proposals, no fund-raising plan... no nothing save the "vote for me and I'll set you free" crap.

And a complete failure to justify any change in current party leadership.... not that I'm all that excited about current leadership, either.  But that said, local politics is an outcome-based business.  And the democrats would give ANYTHING to achieve the outcome the GOP put together locally.

And for that, the Paulbots want to get rid of them?

Here are the two fundamental problems the Paulbots have here:

1.  As of this writing, the legislative make up of Clark County is 11 Republican and 4 democrat.  The 49th, which is primarily located in Vancouver is Leftist Charley's.  We cannot win there: we should not run anything but token candidates and provide them with zero resources.  The 14th,18th and 20th are Right Wing Charley's country, the left cannot win there, and as they showed in the last cycle, they understand that and didn't bother to run serious candidates.

For reasons unfathomable to me, Clark County continues to support that waste of space representing us in Congress, the same waste of space who backhanded the county party by endorsing Marc Boldt.... as if that helped him, the utterly worthless Jaime Herrera.

We have 2 conservative county commissioners (Finally) who are also both Republican.

What was missing in all of this was the hands on support of the PCOA/Paulbots for Julie Olson.

Olson could have run a much better campaign.  She could have galvanized support by providing militant opposition to the CRC scam: she likely would have won going away like most everyone else did who took that position.

But did these people running... no matter who they are... jump in and give Olson a hand?


Why not?  Seat not that important?

2.  The ties to the cult of Paul supporters are just too strong.  Ron Paul is a complete whack job, who's good ideas are layered under sheets of idiocy attached to a death wish.  Many, if not most of those pushing this are that: Paulbots who will cheerfully throw the GOP under the buss to get what they want, whatever that is, just like they did in the last election.

The entire point of the PCOA is to replace the Old Boss with the New Boss.

But here's the thing: the ONLY question those voting here should ask themselves is this:

Are the numbers posted above... the 11 and 4 legislators, the 2 commissioners and the pathetic fake GOP Congresswoman something they can improve on?

Because EVERYTHING else is secondary to that.

They've provided a lot of words with precisely zero meaning.  And the whole point of this exercise is as abysmal as their abortive (and ultimately failed) effort to take over through the PCO elections.

I've heard loads of crap about Dan Barnes as well.  But unless someone else steps up....

Meanwhile, yours truly is out.  I expect that re-org, with the Herrera-endorsed Marc Boldt representing this precinct... if he shows up at all... to be just the tiniest bit awkward.

I sincerely hope this is my last series of political battles here locally.  We truly have the government we deserve because we lack the vision and foresight to learn from our mistakes and I am too old and too beat up to keep fighting local battles.

So, no matter who, ultimately, takes over, the differences will be few and we will go on making the same, stupid, unnecessary mistakes... over and over... while hoping for a different outcome.

Did I mention that pattern is insane?


Anonymous said...

This is a nonsensical post. You want to keep the old board? Both of the candidates for chair are already from the board, and you appear to hate them both. Most of the old board isn't even trying for re-election, so you weren't going to get them anyway. The Liberty Alliance people were instrumental in getting Madore elected, so putting some of them in leadership positions seems like a net positive. If they can raise money, great! The CCRP has been largely ineffective in helping candidates win, they mostly rise and fall by their own merits (or lack thereof, in Julie Olsen's case). Giving the party credit for Republican wins betrays an ignorance of the campaign landscape in this county. Any conservative group that is willing to provide volunteers should be welcomed with open arms.

Just a guy said...

So, let's keep the old board the way it is.

While both the candidates for chair are "from the old board," one's a Paulbot, the other's a slimeball. If it were up to me, I'd have neither.

But fortunately, I'm out, and the fine folks of this precinct will be represented by democrat Marc Boldt.

That said, the ONLY thing I'm concerned about is RESULTS. Too many PaulBots are thrilled at the election of a WEA union hack in the 17th... and man, did you show us... or what?

Meanwhile, it appears we are the, or among the, reddest counties of any size in the state. And the group in place gets no credit for that at all, according to you.

Well, 2 and then 4 years from now, if your sort can't do any better (and it can't) would you accept the same blame you cast on others for the exceptional outcome we have this cycle?

At the end of the day, the results we have did not take place in a vacuum. Your sort ignores the outcomes because not enough of you get the deference you think you're due.

So, for you, this isn't about electing Republicans... it's about getting control for the Paulistinians.

The problem here is this: it's all about control for the PaulBots. That's why the caucuses were a meaningless exercise, ignored by those who screwed up the takeover.

No one.... and I mean NO ONE knows more about "the campaign landscape" in this county. I, for example, knew that the PCOA movement was going to be an abysmal failure.

And it was.

And volunteers, in and of themselves, ARE "welcomed with open arms." But the effort to take over the organization to further the aims of a moron indulging in his dementia-fueled fantasies is not acceptable, nor is the election of anyone ascribing to those philosophies.

The "Big Tent" of the GOP isn't set up to accept IED's. And here's the thing: if you and your sort don't like it, then feel free to stop participating. No one is forcing you to get involved, and if you do, chances are it will be up to YOU to adapt to the ORGANIZATION's values, and not the other way around.

Meanwhile, enjoy the loss of the House seat in the 17th, since you did absolutely nothing to stop it.

I have been on a jihad against the establishment GOP since long before anyone ever heard of that idiot Paul. And I'll be on it long after he's reduced to the minor footnote he deserves.

Thanks for coming by... whoever you are.

Anonymous said...

And one minor foot note, Paul just retired from the house for the third or fourth time? And just to make it look good, he had to issue five to ten retirement speeches on C-Span? WTF?

I think I might have to agree with you on this one, Kelly... Some one has a big EGO to massage with a vanity brush.... Sounds like the local PCOA? :) -- Jeremy