Monday, November 26, 2012

The worthless coward known as Jaime Herrera.

Followers/readers of my meager effort here know of the complete disdain I have for the woman we're saddled with in Congress.

Jaime Herrera parachuted back into Clark County after an 11 year absence of college, multiple internships, and a stint as a low-level staffer working in Cathy McMorris's office as a gofer.  Because of a deal worked out between McMorris and soon-to-be former Commissioner Marc Boldt and a couple of his democrat commissioner buddies in Cowlitz County (One of whom was unceremoniously tossed out of office ala Boldt and who was subsequently hired by Boldt as an $80K a year analyst here in Clark County) this cardboard cutout of a congresswoman, who never had a private sector job and who had never even owned a home, was given the appointment as my state representative over two other far more qualified, educated and experienced people; people who even knew the issues confronting us, unlike that simple idiot.

Her interview by the commissioners was a pack of lies... not that it mattered, since the fix was on from the beginning, and the process corrupted by my brother-in-law who was doing McMorris's bidding, empty-suited lack of quality notwithstanding.

In a tenure of lies in everything from her self-overblown job description to her lies about fundraising for Bush, to her lies about missing hundreds of votes to her idiocy of dumping us during session to attend a DC fundraiser to one of her biggest whoppers:
"Every step I have taken since high school has been preparing me for this," she said at Thursday's hearing, her voice cracking slightly. "There is not a job in the world I would rather have."
There is absolutely nothing to show for Herrera's time in elective office.

Lying is her strong suit.  Her obvious lack of imagination is only exceeded by her cowardice... because clearly, their WAS a "job in the world she would rather have," since she was sent here precisely and exactly to do what she ultimately wound up doing:

Running for Congress.

But this part of the article, published in the democratian on November 30th, 2007 with the false headline that a "young conservative" was appointed to the vacant seat (18th District seat filled by young conservative" since she's no more "conservative" than she is a "he.") sets it up best:
Several times during Thursday's interview, Herrera confessed ignorance of various issues, saying for example that she hadn't known that Cowlitz County is not subject to the state's Growth Management Act.
Ignorance and Herrera go hand and hand with her cowardice. And all of this begs the issue: how did this lightweight with no history, no accomplishment, no private sector experience of any kind get the appointment over two people exactly opposite?

Well, the fix was in.

And her rank cowardice?

She's too much of a dullard to be able to hold town hall meetings.

That's right: unless you're pre-screened or bring a check book, you can't meet with this waste of skin.

All of which brings us to today's democratian idiocy.

Herrera's elective tenure, to date, suffers from two major problems:

Problem number one:  She has accomplished absolutely nothing in either the state House or in Congress.

Problem number two:  She's a liar on the CRC.

With problem number one, all one has to do is review her abysmal tenure.
She's never come out in opposition to, for example, the CRC rip off.

She's voted to raise the debt ceiling and will do it again.

She voted FOR automatic cuts to the military.
Problem number two:  she wants the sheeple of Clark County to believe she's looking out for them and is actually opposed to this massive CRC rip off when, in fact, she's in favor of the entire project.

That's right: like her hero Marc Boldt, who she bitch-slapped the entire Clark County GOP with by endorsing him for re-election, Herrera is for the whole meal deal.  She even touches on the garbage in her carefully orchestrated response to what appears to be questions submitted in writting... answered by her keepers and her staff:
A recent editorial in The Oregonian criticized your stance against light rail on the Columbia River Crossing. The editorial says redesigning the bridge replacement project would delay job growth in this region. Care to respond?

The CRC project has not stopped, but it's stuck in the mud, and there are two reasons. The first reason has to do with the fact that right now the bridge is too low, and as it stands, it can't get permitted by the Coast Guard or the Army Corps.

The second issue is that the voters in Clark County just said that they don't like the transit portion of the CRC enough to pay for it. (If the project's environmental impact statement has to be reopened to address the bridge height, then) it seems like a good opportunity to also say, well, let's take into account what the Clark County citizens want. Now's the time to make the CRC into something that meets our needs.

I'm in pushing for a transit option that people here want, and they've said it's not light rail. I think we can have a bridge, and we can get federal money for transit, and federal money for highways. But you know what? People are going to have to change their mind a little bit on what they thought they were going to get. And who knows, I might have to push a little harder.
There's nothing here about a county wide vote to approve any part of this project.  There's nothing here about the obvious extrapolation that the people around here don't want another bridge.  There's nothing there about a line in the sand over tolls... moving her towards another Tim "The Liar" Leave-it moment.

In short, there's nothing... much like the empty suit herself.

In a tenure marked with cowardice and shutting herself off from her constituency and then accomplishing nothing for us except to weaken our country even further, what has this simple idiot DONE?

The short answer?


Unless or until she spikes the CRC, she's got a great big set of cross hairs trained on her political back.  And they're attached to a 30.06 checkbook and a county commissioner-elect named David Madore; a man who will, with the same roughly relative ease he took out Herrera's hero, Marc Boldt on the same issue set, take her out as well.

And I hope he does.


Lew Waters said...

Jaime shows her total lack of sincerity, her trademark fence straddling if you will, with first acknowledging the recent vote shows Clark County voters do not want light rail, then coming back later with "People are going to have to change their mind a little bit on what they thought they were going to get."

What "people?" CRC supporters or the majority who voted against it, again?

Where has she ever stood up to any Oregon "people" who are behind straddling us with paying for their light rail folly?

Where ha she ever stood up to 'Teflon' Tim 'the Liar' Leavitt or Steve Stuart, who famously campaigned for reelection in 2010 saying, "if Clark County residents don’t support it (light rail), 'then the states have the wrong project'."

We've shown we do not support it, so why is it still on the table?

Martin Hash said...

Lew said, "We've shown we do not support it, so why is it still on the table?"

I wish I'd said that!

Jack said...

It's still on the table because the community needs to overthrow the stupid bastard elitists in government and ride them out of town on a rail.

Anonymous said...

Lew & Kelly - Is Jamie your next, public enemy #1? -- Jeremy

Just a guy said...

My "next?" That worthless empty-suited moron has been #1 on my hit parade since she parachuted back in here under the Boldt scam to get the 18th District appointment back in 07.

My.... how time flies.