Sunday, November 25, 2012

Brancaccio shows his idiocy... again.

In their first post-election hit piece (Count on many more) on Commissioner-Elect David Madore, we've got the usual democratian babble.

Look, I get that when they hate you, they hate you, and in this instance, Madore simply cannot win.

We're in for the same tripe these scum have served up for Tom Mielke over the past four years.

Here's the problem, you see: the more successful Madore is in implementing his agenda, the more that agenda conflicts with the fringe-left view of Brancaccio... and the more they will try and beat Madore up.

If Madore cannot make any changes, they will proceed to beat him up for THAT.

So, we can expect more of their abortive, Stephanie Rice-like efforts to jam a stick through Madore's entrails.

If Madore is successful in stopping or slowing or curtailing the CRC rip off, how will the mouthpiece of the downtown mafia respond?

Will they be congratulatory?  Will they pat Madore on the back the same way they break their own arms patting THEMSELVES on the back when they buy an award of some sort?

Hell, no.  The closer he gets to success, the more they'll attack him.  They'll vilify him.  They'll come after him even worst than they came after me... or Van Nortwick, or Boger.

Let's remember: there is no lie, either of Omission or COmission these scum won't tell to get what they want.

David Madore represents their worst nightmare.

If he was taking any advice from me, I would advise him, as I have advised others, not to speak with this despicable rag in any way.  They are scum  They will always BE scum.

I would communicate through the Reflector and CVTV.  But I would never, under any circumstances, talk to the democratian, do another editorial board, or allow any interview.

And the reason for that?

Let Brancaccio babble it in his own words:

I do not know Christopher Holmes, but his response to Brancaccio is as on target as any I have ever seen.

Penny stakes the claim; Brancaccio gets stupid in response, and Christoper seals the deal.

The lies that Brancaccio and his paper have told... over and over again... their failure to report inconvenient facts on the CRC scam (The lies behind why the "preferred alternative" of sticking this CRC crap pile in Vancouver, for example) directly conflict with "what a newspaper SHOULD do." 

The newspaper should report facts.  Just facts.  Their opinion is utterly worthless; their slant is THEIR slant; their bias is a cancer to our community: we don't need it or want it.

The irony of a moron like Brancaccio suggesting that anyone ELSE doesn't know what a paper is for cannot be overstated.

That he seems to be incapable of seeing this smear campaign as anything BUT a smear campaign... well, that's a subject for him and his psychiatrist.

I opposed Marc Boldt's re-election, the same way I would oppose any pro-CRC democrat's re-election.  Marc bailed on the GOP, bailed on us and sold out to the democrats (And where are they now?  They sure seemed to abandon Marc fast enough... )

The fervent delusion the rag has that Madore will become a scummy little slimeball like Tim "The Liar" Leave-it and bail on his campaign pledges is just that: a delusion.

Madore is not Leave-it, and he's not Brancaccio... neither of whom are fit to carry his luggage.

David will be under a magnifying glass, and he will be closely watched by his supporters who elected him on the promise that he would essentially do all he could to spike this scam.

Scum like Leave-it should be afraid... very afraid.  The 12 gauge checkbook is locked and loaded and aimed directly at his political career.  

First The Liar, and then Stuart.

And how cool will that be?


Jack said...

Many people in Clarke County sometimes wonder if Brancaccio has an even the slightest idea of "what a newspaper "should do".Apparently the only thing Brancaccio knows how to do is put his foot in his own mouth.Are the morons at The Columbian that dense or what?

Anonymous said...

Now Jack, you are giving too much credit where credit is OWED? I think you should not give him so much.. -- Jeremy