Sunday, October 31, 2010

This morning's Democratian democrat puff-piece.

Hopefully, the leftists mentioned by the paper today will make sure to include a large, in-kind contribution on their PDC's as a result of the irresponsible crap and half-truths spewed out this morning by the local cancer on our society.

I've been in this business a long time, but rarely have I seen such utter, total and complete garbage from anything remotely calling itself a "newspaper."

In fact, the most recent version was interpreted editions of the Völkischer Beobachter, the Nazi party rag I studied as part of my PoliSci curriculum.

The rag deliberately overlooked critical elements of the campaigns they oppose. For example, Steve "Easy Money" Stuart certainly "understands the complexities of the job," since he's been on it for the last 5 corrupt years. But they haven't mentioned his connection to Megacasino shill and developer David Barnett, the $100,000 in dirty money that won him the job in the first place; his involvement in Tim "The Liar" Leavitt's flip campaign; his desire to shackle us all with a $100,000,000 a year in debt that will blow a hole in our local economy and hurt thousands of families.

No, all they mention is that he's "heavily endorsed," because, well, they want him to win, honesty be damned. So, they're certainly not going to concern themselves, or the voters, with the facts that everyone marking a ballot should know before they vote.

Unfortunately, the organization who could have acted by going around this stain on the science of journalism lacked the competence or vision to cull Easy Money out of the herd and make an example out of him.

Hopefully, this group will be back, older and wiser, and go to work to take out Alleged Republican Commissioner Marc Boldt, who has both endorsed and protected Easy Money while acting as his Wing Man to keep him safe from the right.

Boldt, who used to be a conservative Republican, a title long since gone, is as guilty as Stuart on the Bridge/loot rail project, because although he has been positioned to kill this project for years, he's sat idly by and done nothing while tens of millions of dollars have vaporized with literally billions left to go.

I guess it's become a political issue now, eh, Marc? Expect to see it a lot over the next two years.

Nevertheless, the Columbian's reminder that Stuart is oh-so-important pails in comparison over their failure to point out that when "someone understands the complexities of the job," their guilt in screwing the hundreds of thousands of people of Clark County is even more despicable.

It's one thing to screw up because you don't know. It's quite another to screw the people because you DO know, and you're using the system and manipulating people by lies of omission and keeping things "quiet" that might be a problem for Stuart... like his taking credit for a light rail vote that he HAD NO CHOICE OVER.

You know... like that?

No mention of union thug Hollywood Tony Golik's likely prosecutorial misconduct. After all, even though the rag frequently prints unfounded allegations against those they want to harm (Right, Lou?) when it comes to allegations that may negatively impact a campaign for someone they support.... forget about it.

No mention of Seekins' failure to vote for the entirety of her 53 year life... Just Seekins' platform that her opponent "doesn't understand mass appraisal techniques..." and, of course, no mention that Van Nortwick is a certified appraiser, which could go to show that Seekins "doesn't understand appraisals..." but no mention of that.

No mention of Parker's deliberate violation of campaign laws... why, no mention of that campaign at all. Nothing good can be said for Parker, given that she's a union hack like Golik, so why even mention the County Clerk's race?

And in the end, the 4 directly responsible for putting this tripe together... Kathie Durbin, Andrea Damewood, Laura McVicker and Stephanie Rice?

Would no longer be working for me if I ran the paper.

Selective fact presentation is inexcusable. Casting those your rag has endorsed in the best light by deliberately leaving out important facts and issues while amplifying the campaigns of those you support at the expense of those you oppose is despicable.

But then, we are talking about the Democratian here, and not a real newspaper.

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