Monday, July 27, 2009

The racist who is President of the United States.

I've been referring to our president as that empty-suited, anti-American racist bigot since long before he was, quite unfortunately, elected to the highest office on the face of the planet, the Presidency of these United States.

I've been concerned about his paper-thin depth, his complete lack of experience, his utter lack of vision, his undeniable lack of credibility and the complete lack of respect for the man and his policies in the foreign policy arena.

Obama is a bigot. He is inculcated in the victimhood that all races so-called minorities have been brainwashed into believing and using for excuses for their failures for decades. I've known this; anyone watching Obama during the Wright debacle, wherein he sat in the church of a fringe leftist racial bigot that would have put anyone in the Klan to shame (purely for political gain, you understand) has known it, and his miserable, racist handling of the Gates matter, wherein his racist, knee-jerk position was automatically to believe ANOTHER racist black professor, who's unconscionable acts were not caused by his race but by his victim-hood, wherein he lied and claimed to be a victim of the racist actions of a white police officer DOING HIS JOB.

The lowlife occupying the White House called a police officer, DOING HIS JOB, “stupid.” He called him that because he has been programmed to automatically assume the officer is wrong any time any member of the black intelligentsia whines or whimpers the “racism” card.

Mr. President, if anyone here is “stupid,” (Besides those who voted for you and continue to support your moronic, clueless administration) it is YOU.

Your utter cluelessness; your race-based presidency that flies directly in the face of EVERYTHING YOU PROMISED, frightens us.

And it has to stop, before you destroy everything.

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