Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sanity and Right prevail in Clearwater, Florida: Herb Quintero WINS, keeps shop paint job.

Even as moronic as government has become at the Federal and certainly the local level; occasionally, governments are reminded of what freedom is all about.

Last March, a Clearwater, Florida bait shop owner was put to the test by a group of power-hungary morons.

He has withstood their assault on our freedoms, and prevailed against this tyranny.

Congratulations to Herb Quintero, owner of The Complete Angler, who stands as an example to us all.
Hopefully, the idiots behind his travails will be thrown out of office and/or fired asap.

The details are here:

Clearwater, bait shop owner to settle fish mural case
Friday, July 24, 2009
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This mural on the side of a Clearwater bait shop has caused controversy for the past year.

PINELLAS COUNTY (Bay News 9) -- The case of a Clearwater bait shop owner versus the city of Clearwater over a controversial mural is coming to a close.

Clearwater officials confirm the city will pay Herb Quintero, owner of The Complete Angler, $55,000 to settle the case and the mural will stay.

Quintero says the mural was painted in April of 2008, shortly after the store opened. He says the Clearwater City Council immediately sent him a notice saying it violated city code.

Quintero disagreed and took the city to court. He argued it was his First Amendment right to paint the shop however he wanted.

"It's been pretty taxing on us for a new business to just start and two months later get bombarded by the city with this bureaucratic garbage and spend the next 18 months battling," he said. "It has been pretty difficult."

"I think it's beautiful. It's gorgeous," said Dunedin resident Michael Kemp of the mural.



neonguy528 said...

A great blog. Most government agencies want to police every tiny aspect of life. It is totally pathetic. All the best.

Just a guy said...

Herb has earned our respect and admiration. Not many stand up to arrogant tyranny when their own government is the guilty party.