Monday, January 01, 2018

The Jaime scam on Clark County

So, I picked up my mail from the PO Box the other day, and there was a puff piece from our waste-o-f-space, do nothing congresswoman:


My first thought?

I must have missed them. The results, I mean.

I walked out into the post office parking lot. I sat there for a moment and tried to think of any difference of any kind that Jaime Herrera had made to... or in... Clark County.

I came up with nothing.

I asked myself: how is our county different in ANY way than it would be different had Jaime Herrera not existed?

Again, I came up with nothing.

As grateful taxpayers, we have provided Jaime Herrera with the better part of $1.4 million in salary.... and what do we have to show for it?

Well, she managed to alienate the President of the United States for this district.

You all remember when she joined up with the leftist US Senators representing us in trashing Mr. Trump over a decade-old audio tape, don't you?

But what else do we have?


The woman doesn't even TRY to accomplish anything important.

Where, for example, is her plan to address our cross-river transportation issues?

Oh, she has no trouble babbling about HER effort to keep OREGON from tolling US.

But how does that resolve anything except for her and her buddies to engage in tolling us to get their I-5 Bridge/loot rail scam built?

The ONLY reason she doesn't want Oregon tolling us is that SHE wants to tolls us instead.

It's not like her scam bill stops tolling altogether... oh, no.

It would just stop OREGON from tolling us... not the downtown mafia or WADOT or any of the other entities that want this rip off built... from doing the exact... same... thing.

Where is her plan? What about the additional bridges we so desperately need? What is she doing to MAKE something happen... instead of keeping something from happening that, even if accomplished, would result in nothing of substance that would resolve any of the issues confronting us?

Clearly, Herrera doesn't care what we think or say beyond that level required to make us believe she actually cares... and actually acts on our behalf.

As a back bencher on Appropriations, you'd think she could get something done for us. But when we look? Cricket chirps.

As a Clark County Veteran, the last thing we need is to be "honored" by someone who has, essentially, done nothing for us.

Frankly, providing the Library of Congress with 22 audio history recordings in the face of veteran homelessness, inadequate veteran medical care and an out-of-control backlog of disability claims seems, all-in-all, pretty pathetic.

It's odd that sea lions seem to get a great deal more attention from Jaime than veterans. But those reading her mailer would come away with that impression.

Now, the silent-then Jaime is attempting to take the credit for killing off the BPA line.

I went to a great many meetings held on the subject and you know what I never saw?

Jaime Herrera.

We have been cursed with a congresswoman too cowardly to even hold town hall meetings. We have a congresswoman who's list of accomplishments could fit in a thimble.

I would ask those of you reading this to look around yourselves. Don't take my words for it.

Ask yourself: what has Jaime Herrera done? How is Clark County better off with her in Congress? How are the issues confronting us that she COULD have impacted, BEEN impacted?

Do we have additional bridges?

Has veteran's homelessness been resolved in this county? Has our standard of care markedly improved?

Has she done anything to reduce spending, sitting on "Appropriations" as her little mailer bragged about?

Well, she's BEEN sitting there... for YEARS. And what do we have to show for it?


Her entire reason for existence has been anything BUT serving us.

It's been reduced to mailer lies, mailer exaggerations, worthless gestures and the cowardice of avoiding her constituents because she lacks the courage to either stand up to us... or for us.

You have had literally years to accomplish... years to achieve... years to listen.

And you have refused all three.

And it's time for you to go.

As for me, I refuse to vote for Jaime or any other fake Republican.

I fully expect my ballot next November to look a great deal like it did in November of 16.

If you lied to get elected or while elected, if you vote like a democrat, if you refuse to respond to your constituents.... then I will be voting for and otherwise supporting your opponents.

If you're a Republican... or claiming to be a Republican and you're not calling for the resignation of the scumbag Clark County GOP Chair, then I will be voting for and otherwise supporting your opponents.

In the case of Jaime Herrera, you're all of those things and I will, once again, refuse to vote for you given how much a waste of space you've been in the legislature and, of course, in Congress.

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