Wednesday, January 03, 2018

So long to Tim "The Liar" Leavitt.

One of the many reasons I've had to avoid either living in... or going to... the Vancouver Soviet has been the utter lack of integrity of their city council and, of course, their politically late, unlamented mayor, Tim "The Liar" Leavitt.

Leavitt, best known for lying to get elected by claiming, falsely, that he was opposed to tolls on the I-5 Bridge scam he worked so hard to jam down our throats... an effort I repeatedly called him out on during the fantasy of his fake campaign... fooled a large number of people generally and Republicans particularly into actually believing that he was opposed to tolls on the I-5 Bridge scam that he was instrumental in his efforts to sell us out so that Oregon could force loot rail into Clark County and blow a $2000 hole in each commuter's wallet.

Leavitt's position on the tolling issue was a lie from the getgo, of course.  And, naturally, about 60 seconds after he was fraudulently elected to the head of the Vancouver Soviet, he changed his mind publicly.... Much to the joy of the democratian newsletter.

As expected when you lie in support of the democratian's agenda, he was let completely off the hook for his lies... because, as Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers has shown, when they like you, they like you.
The four faces of The Snake
Leavitt's absence from the political scene won't be noticed beyond the lack of fumes.

As a county and as a city, we are better off without him.

His replacement is a make-no-mistake-about-it fringe left whack job.  She was elected based on her slavish devotion to tolls and the loot rail scam, because like most leftists in government she could actually care less what the people think... just look at our RINO herd if you need an example of those who could give a damn about their districts when the will of the people conflicts with the will of the special interests who own them.

People generally have the government they deserve.  As a group, many of us were fooled into voting for and providing donations to people who claimed to be one thing while during their campaigns, while in fact, they were something quite different.

That's how slime like Wilson and Rivers got elected... and now what are they and others doing?

Resurrecting the hated and despised CRC Scam that they made us falsely believe they opposed.

So, let this be a
lesson to you voters.  Remember, when we're getting raped by our stratospheric increases in property taxes this year that, for example, Wilson and Rivers were as instrumental in jacking our wallets on that scam as Rivers was on blowing a hole in our wallets on her efforts to jack up our gas taxes so her special interest buddies cold get their pay offs from OUR check books...regardless of what the people she actually is supposed to represent wanted.

There is no difference between these people.  ALL of them lie to get what they want... and all of them lie once they're elected.

And now, in his wake, The Liar leaves behind higher taxes, higher fees, and higher retail prices as a result; more homeless and not even a hint of resolving the cross-river transportation nightmare he helped to create...

It begs the question: what did he do FOR the people of Vancouver instead of TO the people of Vancouver?

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