Saturday, October 28, 2017

When your local party chair is a moron.

Regular readers are well aware that Insane Clown is a clueless idiot.

Doubling down on his tenure of threats, lies and attacks was this little beauty of a message he sent me a couple of days ago on yet another thread of his idiocy:

Of COURSE he "knows where I live." Those following the wreckage of his tenure know that he utilized the services of a private detective to find out ALL about me.

But this one GIF sums up this punk's tenure: threats, attempts to intimidate, lies, exaggeration and twisting of words to try and silence his opposition.

Yesterday's stupidity was put on display by this whiny little punk for all to see in the daily democrat.

Going sideways briefly, leadership is not something you're born with.... it's a skill you acquire through education in the science and through experience.  There are several "do's and don'ts" in the skill.... certain things a leader can do to grow an organization; certain things a leader can do to kill it.

Yesterday was one of those days when Insane Clown shot it with a large caliber bullet.

As those following his soap opera are aware, the AG has, effectively, filed suit against the Clark County Republican Party over record keeping and failure to timely report something like a million dollars in contributions, debts and expenditures in campaign contributions/donations over the past 5 years or so.

Instead of keeping his beer guzzler shut, Insane Clown couldn't wait to shoot himself... and the local GOP.... directly in the foot:
“Unfortunately, much of the current leadership’s time has been spent dealing with issues from the past,” said Chair David Gellatly. “We are a volunteer organization that transitions regularly, so there is always an ongoing learning curve in place.” 
The specific reporting deficiencies include reporting 278 separate contribution reports up to 330 days late and 72 expenditures — such as political donations — up to 130 days late. 
More than $176,000 in expenses after primary and general elections between 2013 and 2017, for example, were not disclosed before the election. 
Of those delayed reported contributions, $33,720 were made to state and local candidates. 
“By not timely reporting its contributions and expenditures, the committee inhibited the public’s right to know the source of the committee’s income and how it spent its funding,” according to an AGO press release. 
This isn’t the first time the Clark County Republicans have faced a complaint for failing to properly disclose campaign expenditures. A similar complaint was filed with the state’s Public Disclosure Commission in August 2016. 
Gellatly said the party is currently caught up on its reporting and will comply with the Attorney General’s Office. 
“Our hope is to put new measures in place that better assist with transitions in the future,” he said. “My hope is we learn from the past as to not repeat it, while focusing on what we can do now and in the future to better represent our members and Republican constituents in Clark County.”
For his part, Clown overlooks two minor details in discussing an issue that he should not be discussing in public.

The first issue is that everything he says, sadly, is subject to being introduced in court.  Here, he provides what amounts to an admission of guilt by throwing past administrations under the bus, while simultaneously and deliberately failing to take any responsibility for the current administrations problems... which he, for the most part, bears direct responsibility for.

But then, Clown's entire sorry tenure has been one of hypocrisy and the avoidance of responsibility for his manifold shortcomings and mistakes and, well, outright incompetence.

Clown's failure to explain many of his own expenditures of party funds; his failures to provide documentation for those expenditures and his failure to take responsibility for those expenditures (Look up the party's PDC's and the term "Chair expense" which explains, essentially, nothing.... why is this idiot charging the party for going to Spokane, for example?) bears direct responsibility for failures and delays in reporting.

While Clown would love to blame that on others, he really needs to find a mirror and explain it to himself, since he, in large part, is the man in charge of the party's short comings, both financially and administratively.

Naturally, the ONLY comment Clown should have been making to the democrat daily in ANY of the garbage he's been producing is NO comment.

But the most dangerous place on earth, to date, has become the space between Clown and a rag reporter as he can't WAIT to avoid responsibility for anything he's done while blaming everyone else for the state of the current party mess that he has ruled over.

Every day, the state of the local party becomes more deeply fractured.  Every day, the volunteers and more of the funding that have been there when needed become harder to find.

And every day, it becomes more obvious who is responsible for that debacle.... much like he bears responsibility for the current mess that party finances have developed into.

A brief note: one of those he threw under the nearest CTran bus?

State Senator Lynda "Lower Property Taxes?  I GUARANTEE it!" Wilson (D-Tracy).

Stranger still is that he's only done it over this issue, as Wilson was running the GOP here locally in the same seat now held by Clown during the time-frame he's whining about.

The lies about property taxes from Wilson?  Silence on those.

And the budget scam that Wilson screwed us with, followed by her lies justifying it, hurt us all far more than Clown's incompetent paperwork debacle.

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