Sunday, October 29, 2017

The irony of the democratian doing an article on "fake news" classes.

Since the local democrat daily is THE purveyor of THE most "fake news" on the political scene, the irony meter pegged when the democratian did an article on WSUV holding classes on how to determine what is... and what isn't... "fake news."

The problem, of course, is that even news from so-called "reputable sources" can be even more fake than that the fringes pump out by the gallon.

The rag's history of fake news extends back decades.  You see, "fake news" can be presented in many guises.

It can be factually "fake."

It can be fake due to bias.

It can be fake as a result of slant.

It can leave out inconvenient truths that don't fit the writer's... or in the case of the democratian, the entire publication's meme.

Most recently, the rag, which is working to get their candidate elected in the Port Commissioner race because he's rabidly in favor of killing the oil terminal... did a front page, above the fold story claiming that in the he-said, he-said rough and tumble of a campaign, THEIR candidate claims what the other guy said wasn't true.

It was thousands of dollars of in-kind advertising for their guy disguised as "news."

And it was fake.

It was fake because the motives of the publication are not to present news, per se', but instead, to use their lofty, fake journalist perch to further their agenda... in this case, avoiding any pretense of fairness or journalistic integrity.

Does anyone reading this remotely believe that, had the shoe been on the other foot... had the allegations of the story in question been against their guy, they'd have done a front page, above-the-fold story of their political opponent claiming those allegations to be false?

Of course not.

And that element of "fake news" can be just as damaging, just as important and just as misleading as, say, a democratian story or editorial supporting the insanity of the CRC was back in the day.... or their slavish devotion to taxpayer subsidized projects they like while they publicly abuse those who oppose them.

Yeah... my "irony meter" pegged all right.  The news sources the leftists running these classes... and others across the country... utilize are, in many instances, as fake as our own democrat daily newsletter.

Propaganda is propaganda.  And as this last election showed the corruption, bias and agendas of the so-called "main stream media" at all levels, from the scum here locally to the scum nationally; from the lowlifes running the local rag to Jeff Bezos running the Washington Post, to the Clinton News Network," to the frequent discredited "SNOPES" site and many of the other sources cited in these classes, truth has no absolutes to the left.

And that means the biggest problems in finding truth today rests with the reader.

I'm bombarded with made up stories around here.  As tempting as they are to just cut and paste, common sense and common knowledge usually rule the day.

And that's the key to discerning what is or is not "fake news."

No effort to refine leftist messaging.... such as the original article here that shows formalization by leftist schools actually training college students to trust leftist sources of news as if they are above lying, above making it up or above servicing their own agenda... be they the Podunk News and Report or the fringe-left New York Times, MSNBC or plain ol' NBC... is above it.

The fringe left bias, well known in circles that paid attention before the last election, is documented and verifiable in their "paramount" purpose: and that is to get their typically leftist candidates elected.

Ad this class... and classes like it... will do nothing to resolve that.

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