Wednesday, September 27, 2017

With the RINOs in charge, this was inevitable. Now what? (Obamacare)

As I feared all along and local RINOs assured us could not happen, the scum running the GOP-controlled Congress has failed us as much as the Washington State Senate, equally run by RINOs and fake Republicans have also failed us.

Eliminating the cancer of Obamacare was never an optional part of the plan, it was a MANDATORY part of the plan.

Much like actually prosecuting Clinton and the rest for their crimes.

Much like tax reform.

Much like cutting our out of control, bankrupting spending.

How many times did the RINOs tell us, year after year, that we couldn't do anything with just control of the House?

We could have, of course.

How many times did the RINOs tell us that having complete control of Congress wasn't enough and we had to get control of the White House as well?

Well, we've got all that.

We have a history of these same RINO scum gaming us to get elected and running  Obamacare repeal bill after Obamacare repeal bill, knowing that they'd be vetoed.

We've never received an adequate explanation as to why these same idiots couldn't run the last repeal bills that passed, only to be vetoed by Obama.  I mean, after all, isn't that what they promised us they were going to do?

But that the thing about RINOs... at pretty much all levels.

They lie.  A lot.  And these scum lied to US to get US to elect them.

And how's that worked out for us?

EXACTLY, PRECISELY the way I've said it would many, many times.

So, the next time a Wilson or a Rivers or a Harris or a Vick or a Blom or a Stewart or an Olson comes along and asks for campaign donations... remind them of all the wonderful things they and their fellow RINOs have done to us.

The next time Jamie Herrera makes a money pitch (All of which is going directly to the caucus) remind her of HER Obamacare votes.

And then, slam your checkbooks shut.

SOMEONE has to hold these lowlifes accountable.

Isn't it about time that you become one of those who does?

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