Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What does Judge Moore's win in Alabama mean?

Incumbent (appointed to replace then-Sen. Jeff Sessions) Sen. Luther Strange had it all going for him.

He had the power of incumbency.  He had the better part of $10 million dropped on him from those funding the Establishment.  He had RINO Mitch McConnell's endorsement and "machine" behind him and a day or two ago, he had the President of the United States' (Obviously mistakenly) endorsement.

The counting isn't over, but as of this writing, the guy who "had it all" is getting beaten like a rented step-child by a guy who had absolutely NONE of those things.

What does that mean?

No one can be 100% sure, but educated guesses are certainly available.

First and foremost, the Trump mystique extends far beyond the President.  I don't see this as any kind of repudiation of the Trump wave as much as I see it as a repudiation of a candidate identified in the minds of many as just being another Establishment tool.

Face it, McConnell has done a mostly terrible job running the Senate.  If anything, I DO see this as a repudiation of the RINO Establishment that fines themselves incapable of delivering much of anything they ran on to get elected in the first place.

Last I looked, we still have the fiscal leprosy of Obamacare hanging around our necks.  We still have out of control, frequently moronic spending going on as we get buried further and further in THAT hole... and we don't even have tax reform in serious discussion.

So, the E wanted us to vote for a tool that would STRENGTHEN McConnell's hand?

I don't think so.

At this point, the unfathomable endorsement of Strange over Moore was just that: unfathomable.

I don't know why Mr. Trump endorsed Luther Strange.  But whoever suggested that would be a good idea should be fired before sunrise tomorrow.

This election to me reiterates that the people of this country did not elect the President or any of those clowns in Congress to continue the Status Quo.

I believe that had McConnell, et al, actually DELIVERED on those Big Three items, there's a bit better chance of Strange winning.  But their failure doomed Sen. Strange from the get-go, and Judge Moore, as far as I know, stands for accomplishing everything the GOP-controlled Congress PROMISED but failed to deliver.

The actual general election for this seat takes place in December.  Judge Moore is likely to easily become Sen. Moore, absent a murder indictment or something along those lines.

The typical cluelessness of the GOP was on full display tonight as it was when Mr. Trump won the primary... as it was when he became the President... and now, tonight, as the Establishment candidate who had it all got clobbered.

Maybe the GOP will get around to figuring it out.  But let's not hold our collective breath, shall we?

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