Thursday, September 28, 2017

Possible impacts of the Judge Moore victory here locally.

It is reasonably certain that what went on in Alabama...which is the complete repudiation of the Establishment... came with their usual efforts... so closely mirrored by the Establishment types here.

Locally, the Luther Strange type candidate is the guy who announced for Liz Pike's seat and against John Ley, Larry Hoff. (As for me, I'm not supporting any of these people, FWIW.)

All the ducks were lined up.  The RINO Bobbsey Twins, Sen. Lynda Wilson (D-does whatever Tracy Wants) and Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers (D-Strategies 360) along with Rep. Paul "Highest Union Voting Score in the House" Harris and most mysteriously, Rep. Ed "He must have been threated into it" Orcutt.

(Well, we've just seen the lack of impact endorsements have.... haven't we?  In Alabama, Strange had EVERY POSSIBLE ADVANTAGE... INCLUDING the President's endorsement, save one... and he lost.  In fact, he was slaughtered.)

The RINOs infesting us here locally will not care about the outcome in Alabama.  To them, Alabama is another planet and has NOTHING to do with them.

And until one of our incumbent RINOs is defeated in a primary... or one of their pets is destroyed in a primary, such as this Hoff guy... the vivisection of Sen. Strange will have little to no impact here.

To me, there is little doubt that a well-funded insurgent conservative could take any RINO out.  Their voting record, for the most part, can be used to politically beat them to death.

Our utter moron Congresswoman, for example, just came out in favor of a complete amnesty for the illegals here under DACA... like the good little leftist she is.
I believe we can uphold national security, protect opportunities for American citizens, and provide assurances to DACA recipients in Southwest Washington who have done nothing wrong that we understand their plight and that they can build a future here in the only country that many of them have ever known.”
Including those, no doubt, who have murdered, raped, robbed and committed other crimes against us.

That is just ONE of the outrages she has perpetrated against us as she's joined with her democrat heroes... Murray and Cantwell, in trashing the President and pretty much destroying any hope of White House dispensation for the 3rd Congressional District.

Because, of course, Herrera is an idiot politically.

A well-funded, focused candidate with a conservative message on fiscal and immigration matters could stuff the ball down her throat like she was going for a layup against LeBron James.

But up to this point, no such candidates  willing to seriously take these clowns on exists and those voting have foolishly continued to vote... not based on the issues... but based on the label these liars use to run under... and then vote like democrats once they get there.

Judge Moore, like Dave Brat (who took out House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the most stunning political defeat in House history, perhaps back in, when... 2014?) showed that it CAN be done.  Wrap these morons in their voting record, marital history (politics really DOES make strange bed-fellows) and their video-taped lies and they'd drown in a bathtub.

If serious candidates actually do step up, they can win.  It won't be easy, but their ammo is laying around like this is a video game and all they have to do is go pick it up.

And then?

They have to use it.

These people ARE vulnerable.  It CAN be done... and the proof of that is simple: it's BEEN done.

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