Thursday, August 10, 2017

Options for North Korea.

Option 1: do nothing.

The Obama Gambit, as it's become known, is certainly simple.  We just sit tight until Pudgy gets into a fit of pique one day and pushes the button.... somewhere.

Option 2:  Find out what the Korean Pillsbury Dough Boy wants and give it to him.

That's what the last several idiots in the White House have done in their usual, this-problem-is-too-tough-so-let's-kick-the-can-down-the-road strategy.

After all, Clinton gave this moron two nuclear reactors... what the hell did he expect they'd do with them?

Option 3:  Sit down with the Chinese and lay out the facts of life - control this psycho or we will.

The Chinese may see the wisdom of this possibility.  War is bad for business for these people when it comes to the issue of trade, and they'd lose face if they failed to control their most dependent client state only to have us do it for them.

Option 4:  Attack.

The question is where, when and with what.  Collateral damage COULD include millions in the South.  But without our forbearance, there wouldn't be a South to begin with.

Would it suck for them?  Absolutely.

But our reality is simple: it is far better to fight this out on the Korean Peninsula than to do so on the West Coast... or any other part... of the United States.

Option 5:  Wait or otherwise arrange for the North Koreans to kill him themselves.

At some point, we have to presume Kim means what he says.  The NorK Leadership is just as sick of hearing his babble as we were of hearing Obama's lies about bright red lines and so forth; pledges he never meant to keep.  He may be stuffing himself into a box without realizing it.

By all appearances, Kim has a strangle-hold on power in the North.  But it may be that it's a little more tenuous than that.

He has many armed guards around him.  It only takes one to become sick enough of his bullshit to take him out.

A few in the NorK command structure actually know what's going on.  Is the Administration's verbiage designed to give them time to take them out themselves?

Are they talking to anyone on the ground? Are they making a deal?  Are they setting someone else up to take over?

Who knows?

Time will tell. But if there are other options besides these, I'd love to see them.

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Christian Berrigan said...

Precede Option #3 with re-installing the 100 nukes which were taken out of S. Korea as part of Bill Clinton's wonderful deal which was supposed to prevent today's dilemma, and everyone knew would not.