Friday, August 11, 2017

Well, SOMEBODY had to take Jim Moeller's place: democratian reports that RINOs Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers and Paul "RINO" Harris top the per diem list.

For the past several years, it was local leftist Rep. Jim Moeller who would routinely scam the most from the taxpayers by getting per diem for special sessions where he, personally, was nowhere to be found.

With his political demise, preordained by a foolish effort to run for some other offices he stood no chance of winning outside the neo-communist 49th District, it would seem his place has been taken, according to the democratian, by none other than Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers and Rep. Paul "RINO" Harris.

Rivers, who over the past 3 sessions has best become known for selling us out to the WEA for $5.5 billion while employed by the democrat campaign firm of Strategies 360... a scam which will cause our property taxes to explode; along with betraying us through lying about her opposition to the gas tax/tab fee scam that yoked Clark County taxpayers into blowing a $700 million hole in our local economy to help pay for King County's massive transportation problems as she, personally, worked to help resurrect the CRC/Loot Rail scam along with Rep. Paul "RINO" Harris, seems to be the one most guilty of vacuuming cash out of the per-diem trough while she was busy bending us over so the teachers could rape us.

Rivers, as it turns out, sucked up $3,700 or so from the taxpayers while she was helping the leftists to blow huge holes in our wallets.

Rivers bogus justification for taking the money?
Ann Rivers, a La Center Republican, took the most per diem of Clark County’s state Senate delegation at $15,720, in addition to $616 in travel reimbursements. Rivers was involved with one of the Legislature’s heaviest lifts, co-chairing a task force charged with coming up with a way to meet the school funding requirements of the landmark McCleary court decision. 
In a text message, she wrote that she was in Olympia for most of the special sessions. Rivers has previously said it’s difficult to hold down a job while being away to conduct legislative business. 
“I think it’s okay to take per diem if you are engaged in negotiating to bring session to a close,” she wrote in a text message, adding that she didn’t take travel reimbursement during the special session.
So, what SHOULD Rivers have done?

Well, let's take a quick look at Rivers' surplus account, which COULD have been used to reimburse ALL of her expenses without costing the taxpayers a dime, shall we?

Rivers has placed a total of $239,754.71 in her surplus account since it was formed.  Her first transfer was way back in 2011.

Since then, she's SPENT a total of $176,243.83, if her PDC's are to be believed, and given her terrible record of reporting, there's no guarantee of that.

If accurate, it would seem that she has roughly $63,000 or so available for her to spend on anything related to legislative business... and while she has been stretching what that might be, she has repeatedly used her account for meal and hotel reimbursement.

Which begs the issue: with, according to her records, that much money on hand... why did she have to use taxpayer dollars for her per diem?

One wonders... doesn't one?  Particularly when one considers the massive damage she's done to us all with her voting record.

Harris, for his part, hosed us for a mere $7,000.

Both of those morons are responsible for the hideously stupid effort to turn us into indentured servants for and to the Washington Education Association at the behest of the state Supreme Court, who had neither the right nor the ability to force the Legislature to do anything the Legislature wasn't of a mind to do.

This is just another in the series of RINO's Rivers and Harris to ignore both their respective constituencies and the GOP tenets of smaller, more efficient government while sticking it to the taxpayers of Clark County.

Oddly, on matters both of the budget and the per diem scam, THE most conservative Senator wasn't either Rivers or Wilson, which is to be expected, given their leftist leanings.

No, that singular honor goes to DEMOCRAT Sen. Annette Cleveland, who both voted "no" on the budget, as all Republicans should have, and who also, according to the democratian, refused to take per diem during the special session.

Strangely, it was a DEMOCRAT Senator who would turn out to be more frugal with our money than the "conservatives."

Will wonders never cease?

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