Saturday, August 12, 2017

Leftist haters and #NeverTrumpers seem upset about how the President is handling Korea

Well, we start with a baseline that no matter what the President does, the #NeverTrumpers/leftists will never support it; save to die, resign or be impeached.

Then, we ponder how we arrived at this situation in the first place, and who are those responsible?

Well, it would seem that Bill Clinton forked over $5 Billion and two reactors to the NorKs back in 94.

Suppose that had something to do with it?

Meanwhile, we find ourselves in a position where, once again, the leftists and Never Trump types attack the President over his handling of this issue.

Of course, they seem to have difficulty coming up with other ideas... and I always loved that about the hypocrites: Trump is this; Trump is that, Trump is screwing up this, he's screwing up that.

What's missing?


The last several presidents, including Bush, have left this crap pile on Trump's doorstep.  And now he's handling it.

There's a great wailing and gnashing of teeth over HOW he's handling it.  Some, like that fringe left cow Chelsea Handler go so far as to demand a military coup to get rid of him, because, well, you know... the Constitution of the United States is leftist toilet paper to scum like her.

While I was on legislative staff, we would constantly be bombarded with this kind of stupidity.

And none of it made any difference.

We elected this man to make decisions and the leftists and #NeverTrumpers despise him, claiming that everything he's doing is wrong or a disaster or... or... or.

But they seem strangely silent when it comes to alternative courses of action, save for continuing the status quo which is a temporary salve to the open sore of a whack job with nukes that WE were instrumental in making sure he acquired... KNOWING NorK leadership was... and would be... out of control.

Don't like what Trump's doing about it?

Then come up with a better idea.

Don't base your position merely on your fomented political hatred because your guy (or woman) lost... and because you clearly had no idea what the hell you were babbling about when you kept claiming, over and over, that Trump "had no chance."

You lost.  Get over it.

Meanwhile, the issue remains, unresolved.

You don't like what Trump is doing?

I can't WAIT for you to come up with a better plan.

And you know what?

I ain't gonna hold my breath.

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