Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Be still my beating heart! The moron GOP Chair has FINALLY filed a PDC update!

So, expenses are listed through May, and there are a couple of completely bogus "chair expense" notations for his unauthorized expenditures, but it's a start. Now they're only almost 2 months behind.

"Chair expense" is an entirely inadequate description, of course: it doesn't say what the money was spent FOR, it merely says WHO spent it... and please note: the "chair expense" notations ARE code for expenditures Gellatly made which were NOT authorized.

But nothing about how much money the party made on the LDD.  And, since he screwed it up so bad that there may not even be enough money left over to keep the office open, there's a reason why he continues to fail to file THAT information.

This is the kind of deliberate incompetence that ol' Davey Gellatly is known for.  I'm sure the RINOs are thrilled.

Since Tomi Cleavage was supposed to be the second coming, I've got to wonder:

Where's all the money?  Why hasn't Davey filed the donations list so we can see for ourselves?

And how much do you want to bet that it's NOT going to be what HE has said it was?

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