Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Gellatly overdoses on hypocrisy.

There are hypocrites... and then there is David Gellatly.

Gellatly has utilized THE biggest mouth in all of local politics over the past few months of his disastrous tenure as CCGOP chair.

No one has attacked those smart enough to disagree with him more.  No one has lied more in those attacks.  No one has exaggerated, twistsed or fantasized more in their communication.

And no GOP Party chair ANYWHERE has spent more time attacking those on the right than he does... by a factor of 50 or better... those on the left.

You know... the people he's actually there to defeat?

Well, imagine my surprise when I read this insanity from one of THE most egregious violators of the sentiment I have EVER seen:

The self-anointed master of the personal attack actually wrote this?

He's REPEATEDLY guilty of violating EVERY tenet of everything he wrote in the paragraph above.

In fact, if he actually believed those words we'd all be much, much better off politically.

But even AFTER writing these noble sentiments, he's found himself incapable of living up to them.

It's unfortunate that there is no lie he won't tell, no exaggeration he won't engage in, no effort at intimidation he won't try.

Well, here's a clue, Davey.

That crap don't work on me.  So, bring it.  I ain't going anywhere.

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