Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Think Marc Boldt ain't for sale? Think again.

During the course of Boldt's campaign... the campaign that resulted in 61% of the people of this county opposing his candidacy... I made it clear what would happen.

Boldt has become a total puppet to Jimmy Mains, a complete leftist who was; since Boldt, after all, was endorsed by the fringe-left Young Democrats (Not bad for an allegedly pro-life so-called "conservative.") has become a total leftist hack... who's principles can certainly be bought.  And here's the price:  as a result of a FOIA I submitted, this little beauty popped up:

So.  If this email is to be read as it was written, for Boldt to do his job, all he needs is Larry Patella to support "rebuilding the I-5 Bridge as an option."

Who knew that Larry has that kind of power... that kind of control?

Why would Marc tell Larry "not to share this?"

What's Boldt afraid of?  What's he trying to hide?

How many of the RINOs reading this voted for this clown?  And is this what you meant to have happen?

Here's your boy, RINOs.  Choke on him.

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