Wednesday, June 07, 2017

As the Comey "scandal" turns into yet another nothingburger, when does President Trump fight back?

We've seen a lot of verbiage... but not a lot of action.

Here's the thing: every time a leftist fires a bogus round at the President, Mr. Trump needs to fire one back.

And by "fire," I mean he needs to have surrogates go after the leftist slime running the show... and I don't just mean on Twitter.

For example, why hasn't Hillary been indicted?

Why hasn't Obama been indicted?

Why hasn't Wasserman-Schultz been indicted?

Why hasn't that Donna Brazile woman been indicted?

What's the hold up?

Here's the deal: holding yourself out there as a piƱata doesn't accomplish a damned thing.

Every time these scum make up another fake allegation, the President has to come back over the top until those scum learn that there's a cost for making it up.

Doing nothing in retaliation is a non-starter.  In fact, it serves as an INVITATION for the leftist haters to keep doing what they've BEEN doing.

As a result, the President frequently is forced to do a Gulliver imitation... tied down by the Leftiputions that he could destroy.

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Fight back.  Make them pay.  Otherwise, they will control the narrative for the next 4 years... and the constant drum beat of fake news WILL have a negative impact that you do NOT need, Mr. President.

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Pete Masterson said...

Someone in Trump's organization ... and in the Justice Department ought to visit the Judicial Watch web site (or subscribe to their newsletter). Judicial Watch has turned up enough documentation through FOIA requests to indict half the Obama Administration on serious charges. Obama "weaponized" the IRS against the "tea party" groups (withholding non-profit status and repeatedly attempting to extract "membership lists") ... this was sufficient to steal the 2012 election. Lois Lerner is now enjoying her taxpayer supported retirement instead of washing toilets in a Federal Penitentiary.

Likewise Hillary and her buddy Huma are free to roam around whining about losing the 2016 election, when both should be wearing prison orange (perhaps they could share a 6 x 8 foot cell). And the list goes on...