Tuesday, June 06, 2017

More confusion by the GOP Chair... why hasn't he resigned?

As I view the local political landscape, which is overwhelmingly GOP (or at least those claiming the GOP label, even if they vote like Lenin...) I see a great deal of sturm and drang by the local GOP chair on how, somehow, things have to change or.... what?
Gellatly said he was reticent about “getting into the trenches” on social media, but decided to take a stand. Gellatly aligns with many of their conservative principles, but said by ousting and criticizing every public official who doesn’t agree with their every stance, the party’s influence is shrinking.
That's a lie, of course.  But it's the self-serving, this-completely-justifies-anything-I-want-to-do variety that Gellatly uses to justify his playground behavior.

He exaggerates to make a point.  He fails to indicate where the line should be drawn.  For example, if Rivers voted 100% of the time (instead of 90 or so) like Annette Cleveland, would that make any difference to him?

His failure to delineate where the line between merely going along with the program and holding these alleged Republicans who are SUPPOSED to uphold the GOP platform and are SUPPOSED to keep their word accountable is a huge weakness in his position on the issue.

The democrats have zero problem disciplining elected officials who depart from the platform.

And when I look around this state, I have to ask myself: who's in charge?  What are they doing right that the GOP is doing wrong?

Well, you can bet your bippy that they don't have any Gellatly'-types running their show.

The reality here is this: the party organization exists to elect actual Republicans and get rid of the fake variety while defeating the democrats.  It's easy to see why the democrats keep losing here locally like it's easy to see why they keep winning statewide.

At the county level, we have, perhaps, 3 fake GOP councilors and one already kicked out of the GOP, and the county wide offices include some questionably GOP, one absolutely NOT GOP (The auditor) and a confirmed liar as the County Clerk.

Legislatively, it s a more difficult kettle of fish.

There are 15 legislators "representing" part or all of their districts within our county borders.

Of that number, 3 are democrats.  They act like democrats and vote like democrats.

Of the remainder claiming GOP lineage, at least half of them are, far too often, very easy to confuse with the 3 democrats previously mentioned.

Many of them voted for the gas tax/tab fee/emergency clause rip off.  Many of them voted to charge citizens more for a driver's license than they did illegal aliens.  Many of them are about to vote to screw US over the McCleary decision when, instead, they SHOULD have voted to screw the partisan hacks on the Supreme Court who made up that decision out of whole cloth.

Even so, the numbers don't lie:  Of all of the offices in Clark County, Legislative and local partisan, perhaps 5 of the 26 or so total offices are held by democrats. The remainder is held by those at least titularly claiming to be GOP... or a fake independent (leftist) named Boldt (My brother in law.)

Much of that change happened... and maintained... over the past 6 years or so.  All of it happened before the former head of the insane clown posse was mistakenly elected to take charge of the local party.

In the last election, for example, the GOP did not lose a single seat.

And that's where the confusion comes in: what... exactly... has to change?

And why?

Roughly 80% of the seats occupied by partisan elected officials have an "R" after their names.  Their legislative outcomes, sadly, appear to have been achieved far too often by an overwhelmingly DEMOCRAT majority... but their label is "R."

Now, arguably, I have spaniels more Republican than many of those making that claim.

As Article II, Section 1 of the CCRP Bylaws state:
The primary purpose of this organization is to elect Republicans who support our core principles and party platform to public office.  Other purposes of this organization include but are not limited to those listed in the following sections.
Correspondingly, if they DON'T support the core principles and DON'T support the party platform, they shouldn't be elected as Republicans and they should receive zero support.

Sadly, the voters are too frequently fooled by those running for office, even those who have promised IN WRITING not to act a certain way or vote a certain way, only to betray their constituents as a result of the ubiquitous "business decision" exception.  That, of course, means they lied.

Remind the current chair of the core principles and party platform requirement to support candidates... which should extend to $15,000 a pop Lincoln Day Dinner Speakers like Tomi Cleavage... and he loses his mind.  He attacks and has surrogates attack.  He calls people out, makes up out and out lies about them in an effort to discredit them... and he holds himself absolutely blameless for the turmoil HE is causing as this, once again, bubbles to the public surface.

The Chair's leadership is best summed up thusly:
A correct leader will find that Followers will constitute those who go with the wind and meekly accept the call for obedience; those who outwardly conform but are a store of danger waiting the moment; those who have a bad attitude and are in receipt of the necessary blame.
That's where the local GOP is at this moment.  Dictatorial leadership, with entrenched, inexperienced command that shows a stunning level of incompetence and ignorance about both about politics AND leadership... reduced to personalizing every grievance, every objection, every concern.  Using surrogates to continue to attack and demanding idiocy like public forums that would be an organ to attempt to beat the hell out of the opposition... like this beaut:

... through people the vast majority of us have never heard of because those people have had the political experience in the local GOP of a fence post... but they happen to be buddies to Davey.

Leadership of a volunteer organization is not the same thing as running a business.  This isn't about pay checks: it's about serving a greater purpose to achieve a greater aim... and to do so for nothing.  Unlike the current and past party chairs, the bed rock of the party are acting out of principle alone and not out of an agenda designed to launch a political career... no matter how many bodies they have to step on to get there.

Many of those under attack by the Chair were involved in local GOP politics before he made it out of middle school.  Many of us have served in some capacity in dozens of campaigns.

His actions do not serve as a reason to join with an organization where leadership insults, belittles and attacks those who are not "Followers;" a political organization that has the capability but not the will to hold their candidates accountable.... both for achieving success... and achieving failure... like the failure of a $700 million tax increase resulting from a lie Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers used to get elected.

But we are expected to turn a blind eye to those who would destroy conservativism in the party base and make the GOP brand a subset of out-democrating the democrats... Such as the way of the Rivers Betrayal.

Our utterly worthless congresswoman is more politically aligned with our two leftist democrat US Senators than she is with her own constituency... as opposed to President Trump as either Senator's Murray or Cantwell have been, making public pronouncements that show her to be a vacuous embarrassment to the GOP.

These outrages will make no difference in David's view.  Those objecting to this and other outrages are to be attacked, to be trashed and discredited.

Those expressing concerns or demanding change are categorized and labeled in ways that would have made Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels proud:
“This small radical ideology of anti-electeds has no influence over anything in the county, but managed to manipulate the numbers on the central committee to make a fake grass-roots, but in reality, top-down authority where few people controlled the voting party."
No influence, indeed.  But Davey's actions suggest otherwise as he expends an inordinate amount of time, effort and energy attacking us.

And the hypocrisy of a "top-down authority" as Davey has hissy fit after hissy fit?

If we have "no influence," then why is he wasting his obviously "precious time" on us?

What has he accomplished?  Outside of  invigorating those he would eliminate... what has he done?

There isn't going to be another PCO election until late 2018.  He is risking expulsion from the local GOP itself and the more he engages in this idiocy, the more likely that outcome is to take place.

It takes a monumental arrogance not to see the forest for the trees... and when that happens, what will become of his political ambitions then?

I admit it.  I supported the election of this clown.  The fake RINO support of Joel Mattila's candidacy left no other option.  (I have been reliably informed that Joel ran for State Committeeman as opposed to Chair.  I regret the error.)

That appeared to be a mistake on my part because the reality is that we could not have done any worse than we did.

I'm thinking that it's time for you to go, Dave.

Before you get thrown out.

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