Thursday, June 08, 2017

Remember the pot campaign lie about revenue? CCP remembers.

The moment those lowlife's came out with their bogus revenue number... I knew... and said... that they were lying.

In addition to any of their other lies about emptying jails and saving money for law enforcement, they also made the claim that this state would realize a BUTTLOAD of revenue EVERY year:

Screen capture form the I-502 pot lie campaign.

Imagine.  Think for a moment.  At the time that claim was made, the best estimate was that their were 6.8 million people of all ages in this state.

How much pot would each man, woman and child in this state have to buy to generate that kind of revenue?

Well, let's divide 6.8 million people into $582 million.

The result is almost $86 in tax revenue per person.

How likely was that of EVER happening?

This is the reality: those behind this scam owe us some money.

This past year, for example, we did NOT see the promised "$582 million."

Instead, we saw.... wait for it...

$63.2 million.


Since the initiative passed in 2012, this is the 5th year.  If these people are to be believed, we should have realized almost 3 BILLION DOLLARS in revenue from pot.

Instead, as I knew at the time, we'd be lucky to get 10% of what they promised.  And we haven't even seen that.

This is just another example of manipulating the voters into doing the bidders of liars and thieves and dishonest candidates... so that the special interests get what THEY want at OUR expense.

Dopers are thrilled, those making bank off of this garbage are thrilled and I remain disgusted at how readily those of us casting votes have simply removed integrity from any part of the equation.  And, of course, being a wholly-owned subsidiary of the special interests of potpharma, Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers successfully led the charge to ignore what the people actually DID vote into place... and she proceeded to cut the pot taxes those people PROMISED us... in half.

It's like we're telling those who would screw us: it's OK to be a liar as long as you're OUR liar.

So, the next time you think to yourself how screwed up our government... at any level... happens to be... go find a mirror and stare into it... because YOU are likely a major reason why.

These kinds of lies and dishonesty are what we get when we don't hold the liars accountable... or if we benefit from those lies... like, say, the city of Battle Ground from Gas Tax Rivers' lies, will actually DEFEND those deceiving us.

And look how well we're doing with THAT.

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