Thursday, June 08, 2017

Comey makes the left look like idiots. Now on to their next set of fabricated lies.


As most sentient beings paying attention suspected, there doesn't appear to be any there, there.

Not that it will make any difference to the haters of the left and their shotgun approach to trying to kill the President politically.

Even now, the Clinton News Network and Anything But Correct network have to fix their lies about the President... scraped from the bottom of the "anonymous, bogus sources" they always use to assassinate Mr. Trump's character... much like the left attacks anyone they hate.

So now, we have to shift targets.  Trump-supporters in government still haven't figured out that they're in a fist fight of the ages and they must... must punch back and go after those who despoiled the Constitution during the 8 year nightmare most recently ended last January.

But the hate will continue.  And the left will doggedly pursue anything and everything they can to destroy the President, dramatically unconcerned about fiction as long as they can make people believe it's fact.

Who cares about the good of the country when they've got a shot to destroy a Republican President?

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