Friday, June 16, 2017

Out-of-state vehicles costing Vancouver money? Really? So do out of state cigarettes and out of state gasoline and out of state every purchase...

I get that the Vancouver Soviet is whining... and positioned by the rag... as if they were the only "victims" of "out-of-state" anything and I get they can cry a river when it suits them, though the government of the Vancouver Soviet seemed strangely silent over an out of state agency getting authority to exercise eminent domain in Vancouver because of the CRC rip off.

I could care less: after all, they just blew $5 million on acreage they don't need and the people of Vancouver really can't afford... based on a "hope" of development that will result in tax revenues that may... just may... get to the break-even point sometime decades after I die.

In fact, the Vancouver Soviet government actually voted for that TriMet idiocy if memory serves... and their concern over that rip off matches my concern over revenues lost to the increasing, every upwardly spiral of taxes we have to pay around here for, well, damned near everything.... and THEN, they slapped an additional $20 incentive (The ubiquitous, unapproved-by-voters tab fee) to further help the very idea of many taking steps to blow the cities tax scams off.

If these clowns have the money to waste on this wasted purchase, then they don't really need the revenue from these plates.

The insanity of applying a state tax out of state in other states where purchase are made... the rip off paying the sales tax on a car, in my case, actually purchased in Germany while I was stationed with the 8th Infantry Division in Bad Kreuznach... a newly purchased car through the PX system, no less... 4 years earlier... is an indication of the avaricious nature of those blood sucking legislators that simply refuse to treat the money of the people they would govern as if it was just that: the money of the people they would govern.

No, instead, everyone from my own democrat, fake Republican, now-employed to help get democrats elected senator to the governor himself want to tax everything they can, as much as they can.

The insanity of obscenely high tab fees and gas taxes, brought to us by Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, is an omnipresent reminder that our taxes always, always go up... collectively, far faster than our wages.

And people are upset enough about that enough that some don't want to play.

Of course, the same can be said about booze, cigarettes and a variety of other items: taxed to the max in such a way that their is a far greater incentive to blow the sales and other taxes off.  And yes, I m well aware that the people voted the booze taxes in as a part of the privatization initiative... much like we voted in the now-abandoned pot taxes into place that Rivers, as the tool of the pot lobby, actually let the charge to start the process of elimination.

But sticking with the tab issue on motor vehicles, I will be paying the tab fees on three vehicles I rarely drive over the next 3 months... a lifted 89 Bronco, our diesel dually 99 Ford F350 and my 16 Mustang GT.

The lifted Bronco we keep around because of the inevitable inclement weather we get up here, and that rig guarantees our ability to actually move when we need to, regardless of the weather.

The main job of the big ugly diesel is back up to haul the Lewis River Mobile Food Bank trailer from View to Yacolt and back, once a month as needed.

Putting tabs on those things... not to mention having paid the sales tax... serves as a terrific incentive to keep them licensed out of state.  Thanks in large part to Rivers, I'll be paying in the neighborhood of twice this year what I would have paid 2 years ago... and $4000 or so in sales tax, more or less, went into the coffers of a grateful state of Washington because a car was purchased which ironically, the morons at CTran don't want me... or any of the others of us owning a vehicle... to actually drive.

I don't do that, of course.  These vehicles are fully licensed in THIS state.

But it's easy to see why people would... and because of the tax-happy idiots in both the GOP and the leftist parties, I really don't care that so many take the obvious step of simply ripping off the state.

After all, ask Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers.  She has zero problem ripping US off when the special interests that own her tell her to and fair's fair.

I am very big on obeying the laws that are in place.  I do.  I pay.  I don't get anything back in exchange for the rape of my wallet, but the legislature, as they ignore the will of the people they represent, made sure to obey their master's voices over our own.  And I'll pay this rip off, monies used mainly to pay the billions Seattle needs for THEIR transportation projects that are, essentially, a complete WASTE of money, no matter where it's collected.

But I sure understand why so many don't.  The arrogance and greed of an unresponsive government combined with the idiocy of reelecting those who do this to us tends to speak for itself.

When will we ever learn?

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