Thursday, June 15, 2017

Local fringe leftists can't even put their hatred aside for a day.

Over the last year or so, it has become increasingly evident that leftist hate was bound to boil over.

Years of fostering that hatred at all levels; here locally by Lefty Lou Brancaccio and nationally by a large cast of fringe-left whack jobs led by the former president and his acolytes has come to fruition: a Bernie supporter, whipped into a frenzy of hatred for years by these scum decided to act out on his leftist-inspired hatred by attempting to kill as many GOP members of Congress as possible.

The hatred inculcates the left to the atomic level; for years they've expressed that hate, assaulted and killed those opposed to it, burned and looted and disrupted and blocked and whined and sniveled in their efforts to silence those not in lockstep with their cult of political power-elite, socialist and communist ideation.

Here locally, the fringe-left puppet-masters jerked the chain of those thoughtless cretins who answer the call.  Their hatred results in a blind opposition to anything and everything not sourced by one of their own... again, either locally or nationally.

They've even infected our local RINO population.

Where, for example, is the clarion call for unity by the largest voice of hate in Southwest Washington, the daily democrat?  Where is their concern for civility on the left? Their concern over spilling blood by their fellow leftists?  Of silencing those who oppose them?  Or riots an burning and looting by their fellow travelers?  Of the silence of the fringe-left leadership?

Can we even begin to imagine what these same people would be saying... and doing... had yesterday's attempt to slaughter happened because of a Trump supporter attempting to kill democrat congressional members?

We'd never hear the end of it.

The result is a local government in Vancouver and in charge of this county that is inept, incompetent and frankly, a disgrace to the concept of being an instrument of, by and for the people.

Yesterday's attempted slaughter of those serving in government as members of the Republican Party hasn't slowed the left down in the least.

Here's their thoughts on the matter: read them yourselves and decide:

Rick Smithers · 

People need to renounce violence. Words are better than bullets.
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John M. Kowalski · 

Republicans need to serve the American people, not the Russians, not banks, not lobbyists.
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Thom Rasmussen · 

I often wondered if the Republican'ts allowing the mentally disabled to own guns was going to come back and bite them in the rear.
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David Parker · 

Thom, where are you getting this individual was mentally disabled, the credible news services I have read or listen to this morning have hinted that he does not like the government, but not liking the government does not equate being mentally disabled.
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Thom Rasmussen · 

David Parker would a "sane" person do what he just did?
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Anthony Foulke · 

Right. Because there is no way possible he could of done the same kind of thing with a car or a knife like some of the other attacks lately? Killers will find a way to kill.
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David Parker · 

Thom Rasmussen I spent a long time in the Military, I know a lot of people that could pull this off with a clear and sane head on their shoulders. This was a targeted attack by a liberal progressive against a republican group of people. I don't condone what has been done, but we need to look behind the scenes for why it happened. The country has become very strongly divided and we need to be working to bring it back to center. Violence will not solve what is going on, but the vehement tirads from the extremes on both sides need to stop. The riots after Trump was elected, just intensified things more, with no real positive results. The left is on an all out attack plan right now, but we did see the Left and the Right echo the same throught this morning, I just hope they remember it going into the future. I suspect they won't.
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Thom Rasmussen · 

David Parker I'm not here to argue with you. I'll state just two facts. 1) tRump was NOT elected by the popular vote and 2) if you really think the republicans are trying to bring things back to "center", then why are they working in secret to take healthcare away from Americans? Transparency? I don't think so.
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John M. Kowalski · 

David Parker Republicans need to stop trying to kill Americans by removing their health care.
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Fran Hammond · 

Anthony Foulke He had an arrest record, including assault. He should probably not have been allowed to purchase a gun. Reports are also in that he did not have to stop to reload. How many shots did he fire without that need?
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Forest Fairbrother · 

Fran Hammond. Arrests make no difference, he had no serious convictions. The e
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Forest Fairbrother · 

The only eye witness report that I read claimed that he reloaded several times.
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One of their own... a hard corps leftist... a Bernie supporter... had just attempted to slaughter the same people these scum deride. Given the opportunity, there is little doubt that he would have murdered the President.

And had he been successful, these same leftists would have been dancing in the street.

They reek with hatred, not just here locally, but at every level.  Their hate site, the C3G2 site on Facebook, is replete with the kind of hatred espoused here. And it's because the left has fostered that hatred, encouraged that hatred, rewarded that hatred, frequently paid for that hatred... and the right recoils in horror from it instead of fighting back.

The result?

The kind of hatred on display by those on the here... the kind they couldn't even put aside for a day.  The kind of hatred that, had such an attempt been made against leftist members of Congress, no doubt would have been used as yet another excuse to riot, burn and destroy.

The kind of hatred that drove one of their own to try and murder.

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