Wednesday, June 14, 2017

It was only a matter of time.

It became clear as far back as the campaign run up that it was a matter of time until GOP blood was going to spilled by their elected members.

Leftist hatred and division continues to be on the upswing.  Leftist political leadership, both in office and out, continue to foster this type of attitude at all levels because of their continuing butthurt petulance over losing this last... and so many other recent elections.

Even now, leftists around the country celebrate this attack.

Will any of the leftist political leadership in this country begin to understand what their rhetoric, their lies, their Brancaccian efforts to whip up their dull-normal followers into this kind of frenzy actually CAN (and clearly HAS) led to blood in the streets?  Will they strongly, forcefully and continually condemn this kind of outcome that they've been working so hard to achieve?

Will they try and blame Trump for this?  (Of course they will.  Why would I even ask?)

Or, since it was clearly a fellow leftist, will they take the "see, I told you so" tact and try and make this about their efforts to disarm us?

The responsibilities are clear:  leftist leadership and leftist media have been pounding the drumbeat of hatred for years.  Leftist punks on campuses around this country will do anything, including shoot those they disagree with, to silence dissent towards their political positions while leftist leadership and media remain silent.

Leftist leadership has devolved to political bigotry and personal attacks.  They support the daily portrayal of the President's assassination in Shakespeare in the Park in New York, and many of those corporate sponsors have been PAYING for those portrayals.  The Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and that ilk have all been doing their best to lead this parade of hatred and the leftist leadership remains silent because hatred is their meme.

(Wonder what they'll be saying today?)

Here's the thing: the civil war appears to have started and the first shots weren't fired at Ft. Sumter.

They were fired at a softball practice for what was supposed to be for a "bipartisan" softball game.

We've got some nonsense like that scheduled for around here, don't we?

Clearly, we seem to be walking around with our blindfolds securely in place.  And for most in the political realm, far more interested in maintaining appearances than actually making any difference, this won't make one because the leftists infesting US are "different."

They're not different.  They think exactly the same.

The only thing they haven't done is start shooting.

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