Friday, June 16, 2017

Yes, we're divided. No, we can't do anything about it.

The country is politically divided roughly into thirds.

One third or so are the democrats and those to the left of the democrats.  They are driven by pure, unadulterated hatred.

One third (the middle of the spectrum) is evenly divided into thirds (the left-leaning third (RINOs fit in here), the middle third, and the right-leaning third.)

One third or so are the GOP and those to their right.  They are driven by the greater good.

The reality is clear: the hatred of the left emanates from their leadership.

Their leadership and their media acolytes were so stunned by the election outcome... by the destruction of their self-delusional cocoon... that their response is base on their humiliation and political stupidity.

The left got played.  Their arrogance was on display for all to see in the run up to the general election (and continues to be on display on YouTube) and continues to grow every day in modern media and Hollywood and even corporate America as the leftists running some of these corporations continue to fund efforts to get rid of President Trump, or, as in the efforts of some like American Express, continue to finance the portrayal of the President's assassination in the Shakespeare in the Park series in New York.

They were out-thought, out-hustled, and they made the classic mistake of reading their own self-reinforcing press clippings... media so easily manipulated into believing anything as long as it fit the meme.

So now what?  Now, they got hosed and they know it.  Their arrogant over-confidence, put on display by everyone from the New York Times to Rachel Madcow simply reinforced their self-driven conclusion that they could... not ... lose... a position likely responsible for keeping tens of thousands home in key states... (After all, who can forget the rioters arrested in Portland.... where we found out that easily half of them had not voted?)

Now, the left and their minions will do anything and everything they can through fair means and foul, to get rid of Trump because they know that if they CAN get rid of Trump, they can get rid of anyone... the same kind of plan hatched here locally and successfully when, thanks to the RINO contingent, most conservatives were fired from their offices here locally.

Now, we see all this verbiage, primarily driven by the right that we need to unify as a country.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is simply not going to happen.

The kinder and gentler fake Republicans around here have frequently attacked me, for example, based on HOW I say what I say.

For example, yesterday one particularly delusional fellow wrote:
Scum? Instead of further polarizing an already polarized world, I want you to know that I am in DC today. I will be going to the game shortly. I have no doubt that it will be the greatest attendance in recent history. It is more important to be there, be present, not back down from the psychopaths who think violence is the answer to political differences.
(This was in response to yesterday's post concerning the leftist comments of hatred under the story covering the shooting of Congressman Scalise, et al, in the democratian.)

Those moralizing to me like this prefer to stake their positions out using blinders... because you can bet your bippy that this individual didn't track down the leftist scum who couldn't even let their hatred alone for ONE DAY after a Bernie supporting leftist decided that he had to spill GOP blood and moralize to THEM.

And this, frequently, has been the curse of the right.  The right generally and the GOP specifically, refuses to fight fire with fire.  As a result, they recoil in horror from the idea of using the left's tactics and language against the left the same way the left does it against the right.

And in a fight, when one side will do ANYTHING to win while the other side insists on using the rules laid down by the Marquis of Queensbury; guess who is going to lose?

Those of us unconcerned with "hurt feelings" find ourselves under attack from those fake Republicans then, whenever we express an opinion unpopular with the establishment while the left continues their hatred unabated and consume mass quantities of popcorn while the wimps on the right continue to eat their own that don't toe the RINO line.

That's the sort of thing that makes us stupidly pay democrats $15,000 to speak at local Lincoln Day Dinners (And isn't Lincoln Day in February?)

Appealing to the better nature of a hater is a waste of our time and theirs when they have no better nature to appeal to.  It's a waste of time when their hatred is what drives their politics.  They exclude perspectives that don't fit their meme; they do everything they can to attack and belittle those they disagree with, much like, come to think of it, our local GOP chair attempted with me because I dared to disagree with him, and all of that leads to the question:  without movement towards civility by the left... can this phantom unity be achieved?

How can it be achieved when you have leftist cows like New York US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand using language like this in her official capacity as a Senator while giving a speech:

Their DNC party chair?  Same kind of thing:

These kinds of verbiage are the new normal on the left.  And who chastised THEM for this kind of thing?

No one.

When riots break out, they remain silent.  When cops are slaughtered, not a peep.  When people are beaten or killed because of their political leanings, nothing.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

When college racist bigots are allowed to patrol college campuses with baseball bats or speakers to the right of Mao are silenced by these fascists... nothing.

And their silences are assent.  Their silence is approval.  And this kind of speech and these kinds of assaults are not outliers.  They have become the new normal and those of us who give a damn are frequently portrayed by those unaware or ignorant as a subject of derision or someone who needs to be preached to or at.

In fact, the same moron who aimed that inanity about the baseball shootings at me went on to write:
 oh I am sorry. I didn't realize that "your" thread allowed you to say whatever the hell you want with no accountability, or other perspective, opposing or otherwise. I hear an echo echo echo echo echo in your chamber.
... as if HE has any right or ABILITY to "hold me accountable" for what *I* say on ANYTHING.

So, no.  This situation is hopeless.  There is no approach to the left or the right's own RINO contingent.  There is no way or place to move them to.  There is no appeal.  There is no care or concern for the betterment of this country that the left has that can be reached.

For the last 8 years, they've been thoroughly inculcated with the science of victimhood and deflected responsibility for their failures... in fact, for any negative outcome of any kind.

They have been taught to blame anyone and everyone but themselves for their own failures... and white males in particular.  And, over the past several months, if they can spill the blood of their political opponents who have the temerity to disagree?

Then so much the better.

Meanwhile, the politically ignorant professing to be on the right side of the political spectrum waste their time, effort and energy arguing about the china patterns in the 2nd class dining room of the Titanic after that "bump" up against the ice berg.

The left continues the control of the moment by their demands for "investigation" and their lies, exaggerations and deceit... while the GOP sits there like the tarantula wasp after the paralytic sting... because the GOP lacks the guts to fight.  Others outside the GOP are not so constrained.

Meanwhile, FOXNews is reporting that a democrat campaign strategist has launched #HuntRepublicans and #HuntRepublicanCongressmen as twitter hashtags.  And what is the left going to do about it?

Nothing.  But then, we already knew that, right?

Understanding the rapprochement is now impossible, that leaves us to ponder: now what?

What can be done?  Who is to do it?  And when?

Stay tuned.

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