Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Gellatly Challenge (Part Deux)

A couple of days ago, our local county GOP chair seemed to lose his mind over my temerity in, once again, expressing my opposition to bringing Hooters Girl Tomi Cleavage to town to share her 24 year old know-nothing pearls of political wisdom with the assemblage.

At, depending on the day, $80 odd dollars a head to $120 a head; depending, apparently, on the day, the weather and the phase of the moon... this girl's speech, previewed on the neo-communist daytime show The View... will likely focus on damage control... I meant it but I didn't mean it, you shouldn't take me literally, I've had a bad day... whatever.

I was stunned at the depth of Chair Gellatly's seeming hatred of me.  But that's not altogether unusual for the RINO ilk.

Holding people accountable for their acts is their most favorite thing in the world... unless they are the ones being held accountable... then?

Different subject altogether.

I posted a response on someone else's thread... which had nothing whatsoever to do with Gellatly... but he couldn't help himself and he had to pass judgment on my remark, which was, simply, "reason enough not to go."

Well, no one gets to tell me what, when, where or how to post, PARTICULARLY when the response didn't involve him at all.

After all, no one ever admits to reading my meager effort, which is why it's the least read, most talked about blog around.

Eventually Gellatly used what he believed, apparently, to the silver hand grenade to, in his mind, PROVE that I was a liar and this blog was worthless and that I wasn't a Republican (Which I freely admit, since I don't see conferral of the Republican label as an act of sainthood... unlike some) and to just generally trash me.

The grenade in question?

An almost 7 year old editorial by Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio, which (falsely) claimed that Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers had "kicked me to the curb."

Or "terminated" me, as Chair Gellatly put it.

Well, that was nonsense.  It made me think that our local GOP chair was a lot like the Platte River in... Nebraska, is it?

A mile wide and an inch deep.

He copied and pasted that damned near everywhere FB would post it in the group SW Washington Opinions.

There was a thread well over 300 posts long.

So, I thought about it a minute... and I thought: here's a way I can get that punk to put up... or shut up:

I challenged David in the following way: 
It appears that Mr. Gellatly is dead set on proving me out to be a liar. 
For example, he provides a link to Lefty Lou's article that claims "Rivers has kicked me to the curb," written back in July of 2010 as "proof." 
He babbles, "I was referencing KJ and his lies. Which this blog post is full of that started this thread as well as most of what he has written recently."
..."David Robert Gellatly Sean Emerson. I agree about the Columbian. But this article pretty clearly lays out what happened between KJ and Rivers, and his termination."
Here's my response: 
Kj Hinton David, the reality is that first, you've made the cardinal sin of believing the Columbian, and second, I was working for Rivers until the gas tax thing blew up.
Now, I get that you're all butthurt because you made the mistake of calling me out with your own lies, but the reality is clear: Neither you... nor Lefty Lou... know what the hell you're talking about.
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Kj Hinton It might make you comfortable to believe this. But the fact remains: you have disproven absolutely nothing that I've said or written. And referencing an almost 7 year old article where Lefty Lou got played might sooth the ache in your ass, but it changes nothing.
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Kj Hinton Tell you what, David: If I can provide proof that I was working for and with Rivers for years after that dumbass article and that you're wrong, here's the deal: 
You resign from the GOP, effectively immediately. 
If I can't, I'll shut down my blog and never blog again. 
How about that? 
Put up or shut up, punk.
And what do you think Chair David did?

Did he agree to this little challenge?

Did he acknowledge he had lied or even that he was wrong?

Nope.  Either of those things would have required a man of honor.  Which is why he did neither.

He just moved on to his next RINO delusion.

So, Republicans reading this, it goes back to the best of people and the worst of people.

I leave it in your capable hands to determine which... is which.

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Pete Masterson said...

FWIW, After Obama was elected, when I realized that Speaker Boehner had neither balls nor ideas nor strategy (other than to vote no), I quit donating to the Republican party or any of the congressional/senatorial Republican political support groups. That extended to local Republican party groups as well.

Looks like there's absolutely no reason for me to change my policy. It seems like the Republicans simply have no capacity to govern nor any brains to deliver what their constituents actually want.