Tuesday, May 09, 2017

The Gellatly Challenge

I have been tap dancing on the local GOP chair's little effort of the Lincoln Day Dinner upcoming because of the idiocy of bringing a 24 year old pro-life loud mouth who looks like a girlie magazine centerfold to that dinner for a "draw."

I indicated that her presence was reason enough to stay away.

And David didn't happen to like that.

As a result, he has been busting his butt not to address the issue(s), but to discredit me personally.

He has, for example, repeatedly called me a "liar", particularly when it comes to Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers and my association with her that ended when she betrayed us on the gas tax scam.

He offers no proof, save for an article almost 7 years old that shows Lefty getting played.

So, I'm laying it down:

I challenged David in the following way:
It appears that Mr. Gellatly is dead set on proving me out to be a liar.

For example, he provides a link to Lefty Lou's article that claims "Rivers has kicked me to the curb," written back in July of 2010 as "proof."

He babbles, "I was referencing KJ and his lies. Which this blog post is full of that started this thread as well as most of what he has written recently."
"David Robert Gellatly Sean Emerson. I agree about the Columbian. But this article pretty clearly lays out what happened between KJ and Rivers, and his termination."
Here's my response:
David, the reality is that first, you've made the cardinal sin of believing the Columbian, and second, I was working for Rivers until the gas tax thing blew up.

Now, I get that you're all butthurt because you made the mistake of calling me out with your own lies, but the reality is clear: Neither you... nor Lefty Lou... know what the hell you're talking about.
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Kj Hinton It might make you comfortable to believe this. But the fact remains: you have disproven absolutely nothing that I've said or written. And referencing an almost 7 year old article where Lefty Lou got played might sooth the ache in your ass, but it changes nothing.
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Kj Hinton Tell you what, David: If I can provide proof that I was working for and with Rivers for years after that dumbass article and that you're wrong, here's the deal:

You resign from the GOP, effectively immediately.

If I can't, I'll shut down my blog and never blog again.

How about that?

Put up or shut up, punk.
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Now, again, David is unable to differentiate from his self-imposed delusion and reality.

I have multiples of communications with Rivers that clearly show we were working together on many issues, including her House and Senate campaigns. Press releases, strategies... the whole bit.

So, play time is over, David. If I can prove that I was working with Rivers for many years after that article came out, then you resign, effective immediately.

If I can't, I'll end my blogging permanently. I won't take CCP down, but I won't write another word save for my last goodbye post.

What do you say, Chairman?
As of this writing, Chair Gellatly has yet to respond.

But sooner or later, he's going to have to.

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