Friday, May 12, 2017

McCauley facing the axe? Who knew?

So, the buzz is that our county manager, Mark McCauley, is soon to join the ranks of the unemployed.

And deservedly so.

There's a great deal of whaling and gnashing of teeth over it to be sure, but NOTHING like it was when rumors of his employment demise were running rife while David Madore and Tome Mielke were on the council.

Why is that?

Does anyone believe for a moment that, apparently, while we're facing a James Comey moment of our own that the RINOs who fire him will be savaged like Madore was at even the hint of a rumor of his McCauley's termination?

Of course not.

Because, you see, even though the outcomes will be EXACTLY the same, it's much like the leftist/RINO hatred of President Trump: these people are not nearly as concerned about what is being done as they are who is doing it.

The paper will not be bludgeoning this council for getting rid of the Clark County Godfather of the downtown mafia.  Had Madore done what I believe he SHOULD have done: fire McCauley at the first available instant, the rag would have whipped up their fringe left and RINO buddies into the same kind of screaming democrat insanity they manipulated those clowns into over the Benton hiring.

Just as a brief aside, it kinda looks like Benton landed on his feet.... don't it?

There can be only so many reasons why he's facing the employment guillotine:  The 4 Stooges got tired of Mark thinking he ran the county; customer service sucked under his management and they were sick of hearing about it; the usually tin-eared council members fear that his continued employment might become a political issue in their upcoming elections (next year, isn't it?) or something else equally juicy and possibly politically damaging.

But notice the muted response by either the rag or the local loony left. There won't be any of the usual hatred and bigotry spewed the way it was at former Commissioner David Madore or former Commissioner Tom Mielke.  No pitch forks.  No torches.  No packed meeting of leftist chimps jumping up and down like someone stole their last banana.  No name calling.  No protest signs... no... none of that.

This is different, you see.

Not for what's being done: that's absolutely the same.

But instead, by who is doing it.

Kinda like the whining and sniveling fringe left/RINO contingent SOOOO upset over Comey's firing a few days ago... when a few months ago, they wanted Comey's head on a pike on the White House lawn.

Amazing how "flexible" those lacking any kind of political compass can be, ain't it?

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