Saturday, May 13, 2017

So, McCauley is gone. Where's the mob? Why was it a bad idea for Madore to fire this guy, but not Boldt? And who gets the gig?

Hopefully, they do what they should: a nationwide search for McCauley's replacement, but it wouldn't surprise me if they went with Steve "I only speak for Steve, screw what you think" Stuart got the gig.

That's the variety of leftist political incest that goes on around here.

Unfortunately, the guy running the show now is a fringe-left nimrod who hates anyone to the right of Mao, named Bob Stevens.

Stevens is one of the hacks that hung out and bitched like cut cats in the C3G2 hate group.  In reality, when it came to firing, Stevens should have been on the same list as McCauley.

Leftists are whining... but it's strangely muted.  No demands that the council be fired or recalled. None of the verbal brutality that was so cavalierly spewed at Madore and Mielke is showing at all, in fact.

Meanwhile, where's the anger?  Where's the outrage?  Where are the fringe-left jihadi articles Lyin' Lefty Lou did by the dozens when David Madore was a commissioner/councilor?

Why, nowhere.

Which leads to the question: why not?

If these people were losing their fricking minds over the POSSIBILITY of MADORE axing McCauley... why aren't they exhibiting the same level of anger over BOLDT ACTUALLY firing him?

Clearly, leftist hatred at Trump was just a shifting of the targets.  Leftist hatred as a political tool is frequently comical (especially when RINOs engage in it) but the biggest problem they have is their rank, reeking, hypocrisy.

At the federal level, the Comey firing has brought out the "complete" schematic of how it works.

If you're a political target, NOTHING you can do is OK, save for shooting yourself.

And that's at all levels.

The leftist hatred of Madore is no different than the leftist hatred of Trump.

Same thing for the same reasons.

A few months back, the left wanted Comey's head on a spit over an open fire.

If OBAMA had fired Comey, they'd have been dancing in the streets.

But let TRUMP do it?

And, well, we see the results.

Even though the outcome is exactly the same.

Just like here... except the leftists are running the council... so all we get are a few grumbles... and a yawn.

The firing should have taken place on Madore's watch.  He was in a no-win situation no matter what he did... and it's always better to go down with guns blazing.

Now, the likelihood of the Clown Posse running the council hiring either a "buddy" or an incompetent is very probable.

We are likely not going to find out the real reasons McCauley got axed... at least for quite some time.

But you do have to wonder: what was happening now... that wasn't happening a year ago?

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