Sunday, May 14, 2017

Congressman Dave Reichert likely killed his shot at FBI Director

We have several problems in this country... and one of the biggest is illegal aliens.

Since the former President essentially viewed the Constitution as his own peculiar brand of toilet paper, he made up this thing that essentially legalized hundreds of thousands of illegals called "Dreamers."

Our own RINO-controlled state senate went along with that insanity, and now, illegal aliens get in-state tuition and are eligible for student aid, thereby causing CITIZENS of this country as well as those non-citizens here legally as residents to have even less of a chance to make it into our state universities and colleges... while dramatically increasing the pool of those eligible for state aid to attend those institutions... while correspondingly reducing the amount available, per person, as a result... as well as reducing the number of slots available for those here legally.

Meanwhile, we even have illegal alien lawyers who, instead of being allowed to be "officers of the courts," SHOULD be identified and deported.

Well, RINOs being RINOs, which is another euphemism for "leftist tools", Congressman Reichert, Congressman Newhouse (of all people... guess his district counts on that cheap, illegal alien "migrant labor") joined with total fringe-left nutjob and Jim McDermott replacement Pramila Jayapal, best known for humiliating herself and this state by trying, in Congress, to keep the Electoral College from finalizing the results of the election... (Watch this Joe Biden beat down...)

...all co-sponsored a DOA bill to "extend" the insanity of Obama's moronic ploy to legalize these people as a way to increase unemployment while also increasing the numbers of illegal doing the best to come here, well, illegally.

For Mr. Newhouse's part, he may have handed his position to Clint Didier in the next election, since you can bet your last shekel that Clint, who is certainly an interesting fellow, will use this stupidity to beat Newhouse to political death with it.

For Sheriff Reichert, who otherwise may be very-well qualified given his background as a large county sheriff, his support of this stupidity is probably the end of any even minima chance he may have had.

After all, who would want an FBI director who likely also supports this sanctuary city nonsense and who would not do, essentially, what the Attorney General told him to do when it comes to addressing the insanity of rolling back Obama's violation of our clearly stated laws?

Nice try, Dave.  But your bill is dead on arrival (and we both know it) and your last, desperate gesture of futility and stupidity (yes, that's an Animal House reference) might make you feel better... but it pretty much doomed any chance you had of taking over the FBI.

Just sayin'.

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