Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Political brutality also happens at the local level: local elected official coming under scrutiny for personal misconduct.

I have received some substantial information concerning a local political person's personal misconduct that is pinging around the local 'net at warped speed.

I'm not at liberty to divulge who that person is or the source of the information, but it appears damning.  And it is brutal, family damaging stuff.

I'm watching this unfold and pondering why those in or out of politics can engage in this sort of thing while they believe either that they won't "get caught" or that there isn't an internet trail that will follow them around permanently.

To those of you actually in the world of elective politics, I would urge you to conduct yourselves as if anything and everything you do is going to be on the front page of the Reflector.  (I'd have picked the Columbian, but if you're a friend of Lefty Lou, they won't print it.)

I would also urge you to consider that political respect for those who depend on it can be a fragile thing, and repugnant behavior and messages can be what we used to call in the Army "QKC's", or Quick Career Killers.

Just ask soon-to-be former mayor of Seattle, Clueless Eddie Murray.

None of us are saints.  But even in an era where for far too many, morality is an arcane construct to be ignored, there are lines that those in the political realm cannot cross.

If you are married, act like it.

If you're an adult, act like it.

Remember: there is more to your job than a title.

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