Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Meet the Casino - the New Politics of Clark County

I've noticed some rather strange reactions to the fact that our community lost and the Cowlitz Mafia won.

There are going to be a great many changes here... changes that most reading this haven't even begun to consider.

You will, however.

For us directly, this is the final act of Obama screwing this area individually.  Issues of costs to us (the taxpayers) how the tribe doesn't live here and won't have to suffer the impacts of what they're going to do to us; the traffic nightmare, the social service nightmare, the school nightmare, the housing nightmare, the law enforcement nightmare.

With what amounts to unlimited money, the tribe will be buying local government.

They have been making that effort for at least 13 years, starting with the effort to buy Pam Brokaw in the 18th District Curtis-Brokaw race... then the purchase of Steve Stuart back in the commissioner days... then another late effort to buy Brokaw in her race against Mielke for county commissioner... then laundering money for Tim "The Liar" Leavitt... all at the behest of tribal shill Dave Barnett... not to mention AM-O's $32,000 laundered by the same people.

Again, when traced... it appears to have originated in Seattle.

You know... right around where Barnett lives?

Some have indicated some rather bizarre ideas about what this rip off is going to mean to this community in terms of the non-existent generosity of the scammers who made this happen.

So, here's a few words about the uglier face of this effort.

It started back in 2004, when David Barnett laundered $25,000 through the Washington Conservation Voters (like most leftist outfits, they can be bought, so he bought them) to attack Richard Curtis, then candidate for state representative, over his support of a bill that would have expanded non-tribal gambling.

How's that for irony?

Next up, was Steve Stuart.

Having been found out locally about his underhanded efforts to buy politicians, Barnett proceeded to launder $100,000 through Progressive Majority for Stuart.

At the time, it was much more difficult to follow the money when it is routed from in-state to out of state to back in-state.

That resulted in a series of bogus, but effective, mailers that ultimately enabled "I only represent Steve" Stuart to get elected over Tom Mielke.

Next up was his old buddy Brokaw again.  Brokaw was the recipient of a very effective independent expenditure campaign that went up on TV.

She panicked and went back to her check-book buddy, Barnett, who dutifully forked over some $75,000 that was dumped in during the last 5 days of her campaign.

Too late.  She lost.

Most recently (2016), Barnett made a semi-serious effort to buy Alicia Topper as a state representative:

He laundered $29,400 through a PAC where he was the only donor and her campaign was the only effort.

I think all that money is illegal, given that a PAC requires what, ten donors to actually donate?

Not my circus, however... not my monkeys.

So, Republicans, when casino interests pliability becomes the defacto requirement to get elected around here... and the only requirement of these people is to do what they tell you, party or philosophy notwithstanding... you'll know why.

So, look forward to the corruption and the massive problems this insanity is going to cause.

And those of you who actually go there?



cheryl warren said...

That was the biggest bunch I have read, goes hand in hand with Trump garbage. I fully intend to enjoy

Teri said...

We have lied,cheated. stole from and murdered Indians, now you begrudge them income from casino earnings. Several tribes were in this area at the time of contact with Europeans. The Cowlitz lower range did veture the far south for trade. Most of the tribes that were here at the time of Lewis and Clark were killed in a 1835 era plague. The remainder of the Chinook tribe has not been recognized as a official tribe, You do not protest the private ownership of card rooms. Just the Indian ownership. It is long pass the time to give the Indians their due.

Just a guy said...

Stunning how those who are so wrapped around the gambling axle feel compelled to parse what I say into something it isn't... and ignore what I say because of some completely and utterly irrelevant tribal history lesson.

I don't begrudge them a thing from casino income.

I begrudge them for casino income in a casino built 30 miles south of Cowlitz lands. It's called, rightfully, reservation shopping.

Your misrepresentation as to where Cowlitz land is (and it's NOT Cowlitz land merely because they occasionally walked through it to trade) flies in the face of the Cowlitz application for recognition which placed their southern border at the northern border of what is now Longview.

I will personally apologize to any tribal member from 1835 in this non-recognized tribe (until 2000) that I offended or harmed in any way. But what happened then justifies nothing now.

I cannot fix anything that happened back then. But prior bad behavoir back then does not justify the tribe's bad behavoir now.

And I do note that you completely ignored the facts I presented about Barnett... his restraining orders from women, his criminal record and his efforts to buy local politicians like you might buy a blouse.

As a tribal casino supporter, none of that bothers you. But I live here... something most tribal types shilling for this idiocy have not done and never will do.

Thanks for stopping by.

Just a guy said...

And Cheryl, I'm sure you'll be joined by many who care less about the people forced to live here with that festering carbuncle.