Monday, April 03, 2017

And this is why no one in the GOP should ever talk to the democratian

Don't you just love it when leftists are always so concerned about what's best for the GOP?

My question is this:  why does anyone talk to them about any internal political issue?  Why is it their business?

What the GOP does or does not do internally is none of their business.  Like this editorial of March 26, they will always take such information and use it as a piƱata so their fellow local leftists can beat the hell out of the GOP.

It happens every... single... time.

And their hypocrisy is clear: when was the last time they singled out the left with columns over their ideological purity?

Here's the realty:  who the GOP invites for the Lincoln Day Dinner is none of their business.  Period.

And if invited, who the GOP dis-invites, as they should have dis-invited this punk, is also none of their business.

Now those who support listening to this moron have the agreement of this fringe-left hack of a newspaper to tout.  And after she comes here and disgraces the GOP, the newspaper and supporters, primarily of the RINO ilk, will lavish praise on her appearance and reiterate how stupid anyone was to oppose it.

Every move the GOP makes is subject to harsh criticism when it doesn't adhere to the leftist view.  The RINO sellouts are thrilled at yet another opportunity to trash conservatives that the GOP leadership has provided and the rag, dutifully reported.

And if she's met with pro-life protests, who'll be to blame as the left revels in the RINO-inspired disunity?

Because you can bet your last dime that if she was a pro-choice speaker invited by the hypocrites of the left for their slave-owner Jefferson-Jackson day dinner, they'd be breaking their arms cancelling her appearance if she had changed horses midstream... instead of breaking them commenting on how pure they are as a party and how screwed up the GOP is.

But then, that was the entire purpose of Jayne's column in the first place, right?

When will the local GOP mouthpieces ever learn?

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